With most people putting spring cleaning behind them, they’re now focusing on summer, pool parties and barbecues. If you’ve already tackled your spring cleaning, did you also get professional carpet cleaners to help restore your Oriental rugs throughout your home? If not, the time may be right to look for Tampa rug cleaning to check one more to-do off your list before all the vacations and parties begin. Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa, Florida, can help. We offer hand cleaning and repair of all your favorite rugs, and have free pickup and delivery in certain areas. 


Tampa Rug Cleaning

Everybody knows that regular cleaning and maintenance of your rugs can help them last longer, but there are everyday stains and dirt that can wreak havoc on your rugs that even you can’t completely clean. What you may not know is that dirt is a very sharp debris, which is capable of doing damage to your beautiful rugs if left to dig and grind into them on a daily basis. And you’d be surprised by how much dirt and debris can develop in a short amount of time. It can be even harder seeing the damage that can be done to your rugs over time as well, until it’s too late and you start noticing tears and loose fibers. High traffic areas are going to have an even higher volume of dirt and debris entering your rugs, and thus are going to need professional rug cleaning more often. 


Even with daily vacuuming, you might just miss those few pieces of dirt, which are left to damage your rugs every time someone steps on it and pushes it further into the carpet. This can distort the natural construction of your rug as well, pushing away fibers, tearing them, and potentially deteriorating the rug at a faster rate than normal. By cleaning your rugs professionally, you’ll have peace of mind that all the dirt and debris is fully removed each and every time they’re cleaned, leaving you with a fresher, more sanitary and stronger rug each time. 


Professional Carpet Cleaner

You can maintain your rugs at home through regular cleaning and vacuuming, but all Oriental rugs will need expert, professional cleaning at least yearly. If the rugs are in higher traffic areas, they may need cleaning every six months to make sure they’re clean longer and keep their bright colors. Most professional cleaning services will start with a quick assessment of the rug, finding any hidden stains or spots that may need pre-treatment or special care. The rug will then begin a pre-treatment depending on the stains, along with removing any dirt before the actual cleaning. Although the next step is optional, it’s never a bad idea to have deodorizer applied. This is typical in more pet cleaning and stain removal processes, but if you suffer from allergies, this can also help. Most professionals use a hot water extraction method of cleaning, but can vary from business to business. Essentially, the cleaning reaches deep down into the rug and extracts all dirt, dust and contaminants. Steam helps to refresh the colors and fibers of your rugs, giving them a beautiful shine and vibrancy. 


Refresh Your Rugs

Even with all the regular cleaning and vacuuming you can do on a daily basis, your rugs will need professional services at least once or twice a year, depending on the level of foot traffic. It’s vital to keep them as clean as possible in between professional Tampa rug cleanings, but you won’t be able to get every nook and cranny cleaned like a rug cleaning company can. It’s important to find a good routine to ensure they’re getting the time and attention they deserve so you can keep your rugs for years to come.


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