How to choose the best carpet cleaning company!

A stain on your carpet can become an eyesore and will easily catch anyone’s attention. Get rid of the stains on your rugs and give them the love and care they deserve. At Royal Oriental Rugs, we believe in giving quality treatment to carpets. Be it pet odor that has spread amongst your carpet or just your everyday stains that are ruining the beauty of your carpet; we know how to treat each stain individually, depending on its nature.

If you have your doubts about the company you should hire for your carpet cleaning, here are some things you should look for!

Rug Cleaning Company with Harsh cleaning methods

Before you even think further, if the rug cleaning company you want to hire implements harsh cleaning methods and uses strong chemicals, you should change your mind. Always go for companies that know how to deal with the material of your carpets and understand the chemistry behind the stains. Carpet cleaning is an art, and using strong chemicals is not the right approach. It is a strong indication that the company probably wants to get rid of the stains without giving attention to the condition of the carpet after the chemicals they use. Especially if your carpet is old, the use of strong chemicals can cause more damage.

The services that are provided

Just the methods that are implied are not enough to help you conclude. To boost your convenience, the company that you hire should also offer other services. Does the company offer services that will pick and drop the rug at your doorstep before and after the cleaning process? Carrying rugs back and forth from the company can be a real hassle if you have to do it yourself ,Since they are usually very heavy. If the company does not offer these services, we would recommend you to at least go for a company in your vicinity, so the process of carrying the rug is not as hectic.

Why choose us?

We take all the factors mentioned above into account and offer some great deals that tempt the customers to choose us. If your rug requires repairing services, we have a great deal that allow our customers to avail up to 20% off on their repair services. This 20% discount is also applicable on rug cleaning services. We also offer a staggering up to 60% discount off rug inventory.

To make our services more inclined towards customer satisfaction, we offer free pick up and delivery services. We have an in-house designer on board who can provide you with a free consultation on proceeding with your rugs and the stains that have embodied themselves on them. Often cleaning companies don’t take the different types of rugs into account. Modern rugs’ treatment is different from traditional rugs, and old rugs should be treated with more delicacy and care. We take all of this and so much more into account.

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Are you sick of the stains that have embedded themselves on your carpet? Hire us for the best Persian rug cleaning experience and get rid of those stains that have become an eyesore for you. We offer a hand to repair, hand-cleaning, and all kinds of carpet cleaning services, regardless of the kind of carpet you own. Be it traditional, modern, oriental, authentic; we have it all covered! We understand how to treat carpets and have developed efficient techniques to get rid of the stains without ruining your carpet by using tough and rigorous methods.