How often should we wash our rugs?

Washing hand-woven and machine-made rugs at home and rug cleaning, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and in general, things like the price of hand-woven rugs, our tools and conditions at home, and our income are decisive in choosing the method of washing our rugs. . Basic maintenance of the rug and trying to […]

Restoring the rug

Restoring a rug of the same age is rug weaving. There are many rugs that need to be repaired even on the surface of the rug, and their tears or wear must be repaired. Old rugs or rugs that are spread in inappropriate places, or they have not been used correctly, are torn, worn, and […]

The rug willow

Insects are one of the main enemies of your rug and it is necessary to protect your handwoven rug from them, insects such as termites, willows and cockroaches can cause a lot of damage to the rug. In the meantime, willow corrosion is one of the worst damages faced by rugs. Hand-woven or machine-made rugs […]

History of traditional Iranian rugs

Each country is known by one or more special symbols. These symbols may be a great personality, an export product, ancient works, etc. Iranian rug as a top symbol in the whole world has been able to make a good foothold for itself. Whoever wants to give an example of the best type of rug, […]

How many times should we wash our rug?

The pollution and dirt left on the rug causes the rug to be damaged and decrease in value, and with children in the house and remaining stains caused by fruit juice, milk or ink, washing your rug twice a year. And it is necessary every 6 months. Also, if your family members move around the […]

What to do with our old rugs?

Handwoven rugs are one of the masterpieces of hand art. Most people acquire their handwoven rugs in one of these two ways. They buy it themselves Or they inherit it. If you have bought a new rug, chances are that it will remain in the same good quality for years, even to the point where […]

Choosing a Rug cleaner

Choosing a suitable and qualified Rug cleaner is a serious challenge for many housewives. Especially on the eve of the New Year, everyone wants to keep their homes clean and tidy. In addition to the basic washing of Rugs, it is very important to use a method that protects them from damage and decay of […]

Handmade or machine-made rug?

By now, you may have noticed that no machine processes are used to produce handwoven rugs and they are made entirely of natural dyes that can last for days, months, and even years, but here’s what you don’t know about their synthetic counterparts. You will be surprised. Differences between hand-woven rugs and machine-made rugs A […]

Carpet or Rug restoration

The term restoration does not include all the features of the carpet damage restoration process. Sometimes carpet restoration can be attributed to different words such as refurbishing. Generosity in our society is rooted in our culture and traditions, which sometimes conflict with scientific and academic definitions. According to carpet experts, it can be divided into […]

Fading of the carpet due to washing

If we do not use proper and measured chemical detergents in washing the carpet, the color of the carpet will fade. Keep in mind that strong detergents can damage carpet fibers. The high color contrast between the front and back of the carpet indicates wear and tear along with the color fading of the carpet. […]