Contemporary and Modern Rugs

When you look around the rooms in your house, what is missing? Barren floors can make you feel as if your rooms are lacking something. Your online searches for ‘area rugs near me’ may provide a few options, but how do you know who to trust? Royal Oriental Rugs, located in Tampa, can help! We have Florida’s most extensive collection of Luxury Antique Rugs, but it doesn’t stop there! We also specialize in contemporary rugs perfect to fit anyone’s style.

A Great Rug Makes a Great Room

Our home speaks volumes about who we are as a person, and creating the perfect space can take considerable time and effort. Nothing, however, ties a room together like a great rug. What do you hope to gain in adding a rug? Adding an area rug to your living room can help bring the room together and make it a more comfortable place to spend your time. Adding a rug underneath a coffee table makes for a cozy night in.

The enjoyment you will get out of a great rug does not stop in the living room. Nothing feels better in the morning than getting out of bed and borrowing your toes into a soft rug. Nothing says welcome (to our) home more than beautiful doormat (with the bonus that it keeps other rugs clear of dirt from the outside). Kitchen rugs help you to stay comfortable while you cook; your feet will thank you.

Designing your Space With Contemporary Rugs

Are you ready to complete your room, but unsure how a rug might help? Here are a few quick ideas for adding rugs to your home. Feeling fun? Try adding a bright color or a fun pattern. For a little bit of luxury, shag rugs are perfectly plush and feel great to sink your feet into at the end of the day. If your style is more minimalistic, there is a rug for you as well! A beautiful solid color or a subtle pattern can add to your room without drawing too much attention. On the opposite side of the spectrum? Try an animal print or a bright color to make your room pop!

We offer up to 20 percent off of cleaning and repair services as well as up to 60 percent off of rug inventory! Our company wants to make this buying a rug or cleaning your rug an enjoyable process for you and your family.

Why Should You Trust Royal Oriental Rugs?

Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and qualities, and so do the businesses that sell them. Stop searching ‘area rugs near me’ today and choose Royal Oriental Rugs.

  • We provide pet stain and odor removal.
  • All rugs are hand cleaned and repaired by our highly trained team of professionals.
  • We provide our customers with 20% off all repairing and cleaning services as well as 60% off of our entire rug inventory.
  • Our in-house designer is available for consultations to help you find the rug that is right for your space.
  • We offer the most extensive collection of authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, contemporary styles.

What is the perfect way to add life to a room in your home? Add a modern area rug! Maybe you feel your bedroom looks too bland, and you want to add some color. Perhaps you want to keep your floors safe from kids in a stylish manner. Maybe you want to tie your furniture together or hide a damaged spot on your floor. Whatever the reason, a rug can provide the perfect addition to any room in your home and keep your floors in tip-top shape. When you shop at Royal Oriental Rugs, you will find some of the most beautiful rugs in Tampa, Florida.

We Have Options For Everyone

We understand that not everyone has the same taste, and this is what makes life and shopping for rugs so much fun! That is precisely why we have a great selection of rugs for you to pick from. It does not matter what your preference is; you will not be disappointed.

The different rugs we have to offer include:

  • Authentic
  • Vintage
  • Oriental
  • Persian
  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Contemporary

We Clean Your Modern Area Rugs Too

Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, we understand that things happen! We know that your child may spill juice on your rug, or your pet may have an accident. Do not fear; we want to help your carpet look good as new. We offer to remove pet odor and stains! Additionally, we offer hand cleaning and hand repair for your rugs.

We offer up to 20 percent off of cleaning and repair services as well as up to 60 percent off of rug inventory! Our company wants to make this buying a rug or cleaning your rug an enjoyable process for you and your family.

The Customer Comes First

As previously mentioned, here at Royal Oriental Rugs, we want to make your experience buying and having your rugs cleaned the best experience possible. That is why we offer you free delivery and free pickup when you purchase one of our rugs or have your rugs cleaned.

We get that not everyone can master interior design. That is why we offer an in-house designer that is available for consultations. We want to help you make sure your rug perfectly accents the decor and rooms in your home.

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Stop searching for ‘area rugs near me’ and contact Royal Oriental Rugs today. Our team of professionals services the Tampa area and can help you find contemporary rugs to complete your space. Contact us today, and turn your floors into heaven!