Signs Of Mold In Carpeting

It is essential to keep your rugs clean no matter how clean you think that they are already. Royal Oriental Rugs is here to tell you how to check for signs of mold. Mold in carpeting is no joke because it can cause a lot of illnesses and other problems around your home. Luckily, if you do stumble across mold in your carpet, we offer amazing Tampa rug cleaning for pet odor, stain removal, and more. We even offer hand cleaning and hand repair to ensure that your rug remains authentic and beautiful. Rugs add such beautiful colors and styles to homes, and they tie the room together no matter what. Our team in Tampa provides free deliveries and pickups for rugs if you are feeling inspired to purchase one. Regardless, we hope that the information we provide on mold will help you because it is never a bad idea to keep tabs on it. You never know what is growing in your rug. 


How To Check For Mold In Carpeting 

There are many ways to pinpoint signs of mold in your rugs, and we want you to know what they are. We provide the best Tampa rug cleaning around, so we will certainly be able to help you. First, you might be able to see mold in your rug if you notice black or green spots underneath your rug. We recommend that you lift it once in a while for some air and to check for these colors. Second, mold causes a lot of illnesses and allergies, so if you have random allergies, it might be your carpet. Third, if your rug is damp, then mold is more likely to grow on it, so make sure that your rug stays nice and dry, and if it is damp, then that might mean mold is on it already. Fourth, the age of your carpet is sometimes the only reason why you have mold. We know that it is hard to give up an old rug, but you cannot risk keeping mold on it. Last, if your rug starts to smell funky, then that might be the mold. Take a sniff at your rug every once in a while just to make sure. 


New Rug 

For those of you who might require a new rug, we offer the most beautiful ones that will certainly suit your home. We offer 20 percent off of rug repairs and cleanings and 60 percent off of our inventory. We even have a designer that will come to your home for rug consultations. 


Get Rid Of Your Rug

Rugs that have the slightest bit of mold on them need to be thrown away immediately. It is not safe to live with a moldy rug, so it is important to watch for signs and get rid of your rug if it has mold. Our Tampa rug cleaning services might not even be able to help after a while. 


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Royal Oriental Rugs offers advice on mold in carpeting. We provide the most beautiful rugs of all styles, such as modern, vintage, authentic, Persian, traditional, and contemporary. Call or visit us today in Tampa if you need to replace your moldy rug.

What Do The Persian Rug Colors Mean?

When styling your home, you want the absolute best in colors, designs and aesthetic. When shopping for Oriental and Persian rugs, you may wonder if the rug colors have any significant meanings, in which case you are onto something. There is significance to those swirls and patterns, especially the colors, and knowing these meanings can help you shop for perfect rugs. Royal Oriental Rugs in Orlando, Florida, has a wide selection of vintage, modern, Persian, traditional and contemporary styled rugs. We also offer Oriental rug cleaning, with free pickup and delivery in select locations. 


Rich History

Every rug tells a story, as the Persian style captures the detailed history and artistry of some of the world’s most ancient and influential cultures. Made in present day Iran and surrounding regions, the materials, patterns, colors and designs all tell a story. The Persian Senneh knot is asymmetrical and allows rug makers to fluidly weave these intricate works. 


Persian Rugs

Red is often used in Persian rugs to create wonderful designs and a wide array of visual effects. Since red is such a bold, fierce color, it’s added to rugs for emphasis in their designs, with the bright color highlighting important areas of a motif on the rug with a powerful impact. Using madder root to achieve the red color, there are other items such as insects and flowers, which can also produce the right shade of red for rugs. Whichever natural element was used, these rugs fill people with joy and courage. In many Asia countries, red also signifies luck, and brides will often use this color in their wedding adornments. 


Yellow and gold are distinct, often signifying light and radiance in Persian designs, such as the light from the sun or the joy of living. Achieving the yellow shade for rugs was often found in pomegranates, vines, Saffron, and a flower called Ox-eye chamomile. Gold was utilized in designs for royalty and prominent families, mixing in brown to achieve the right gold shade to signify wealth, power, and prestige in old designs. Some rugs will even have golden threads interwoven throughout the designs, creating a subtle yet powerful and distinct allure.   


White and beige make excellent bases and accents in rugs, as white is universally accepted as a color of purity and innocence. The exact shade of white or beige used in rugs would vary depending on the type of undyed wool used. Blue is a tranquil color bringing out people’s inner sense of peace, and is also strongly associated with trust and loyalty. After red and beige, blue is one of the most used colors in Persian rugs. Although trickier to find a natural source to produce a blue shade for rugs, the eventual discovery of the Indigo plant transformed the coloring of rugs in Persian designs, and is often a symbol of power in rug design today, expressing the hope of life after death.  


Oriental Rug Cleaning

To fully appreciate the splendor and meaning behind your Persian and Oriental rugs, it’s also important to keep them clean. At least once a year, have them professionally cleaned to maintain their luster and rich fibers. You may not realize it, but many dirt particles are sharp-edged, cutting into rugs and destroying their fine materials. Keeping your rugs regularly cleaned will help them remain bright, bold, and beautiful for years to come. 


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Are you ready to select the Persian rug that’s perfect for your home’s living or dining room? Come to Orlando and explore Royal Oriental Rugs fine selection of new and antique rugs, and even consult with our in-house designer. Or if you’ve already picked your perfect rug, maintain it’s sheen and beauty with our Oriental rug cleaning services. We hand clean and mend every rug to ensure it’s clean and ready for what comes next in your home. Call us today!


How To Choose Oriental Rugs For Your Home!

If you are looking to revamp your home this spring and summer, nothing adds more beauty and value to your home than Oriental rugs. Choosing the perfect rug for every room is no small task, however, as there’s multiple factors to take into consideration, especially if you are going to use antique rugs as well in your decoration. Royal Oriental Rugs in Sarasota, Florida, knows this better than anyone around, and has a wide selection of authentic vintage, Oriental, traditional and modern rug styles, as well as Persian rug cleaning services. 


The Perfect Rug Size

One main component of selecting the perfect rug is determining the right size for your space. First measure the room’s total length and width, and then subtract two to three feet from each dimension. Using a rug that is slightly smaller than the total width and length of the room will make the space feel more open and balanced. You will still be able to see the floor underneath but the room will feel enveloped by the warmth and beauty of the rug, drawing the eye to the floor. In sitting areas, having the rug encompass enough of the floor so the first two feet of any chairs or sofa are on the rug will help to bring this look together, creating a sense of harmony to the eye and making the furniture “anchored” to the rug.  


Accenting With Oriental Rugs

You will want to consider the foot traffic into every room of your home, and how that will affect the use of your antique rugs throughout the house. For heavy traffic rooms, picking a natural fiber rug such as silk or wool will be your best bet. These fibers can last a lot longer than other natural fibers, and even longer than synthetic fibers, which tend to age more rapidly. And keep in mind that the more foot traffic hitting your rugs, the more often you will need professional Persian rug cleaning; most rugs will need a yearly cleaning but may need them more often with more debris and dirt entering them on a daily basis. Remember to also take the rest of the room’s decorations and walls into consideration. If you have a very busy or bright wallpaper or wall color, a more muted or subdued antique rug will look better with this color scheme. If you have subtle wall colors like off-white, a more vibrant and colorful rug design will help to keep the room balanced and avoid it feeling hectic or busy to the eye.  


Protecting your rugs and the floor underneath are always important factors for your rug decorations. Having rug pads adds an extra layer of protection to your hardwood floors and also helps keep your rug from slipping around on the floor. If you are placing big and heavy furniture onto your antique rugs, it’s also important to use furniture coasters to help distribute the weight of the sofa or dining room table better, which will also help stop the weight from crushing your rug’s pile and fibers. 


Decorating With Flair

If you like to keep the decorating a little unconventional, using Oriental or antique rugs in different ways maybe for you. It is a growing trend, but using antique runners for your kitchen or alongside your beds can add flair and class to your normally subdued rooms. You can also place a smaller antique rug on top of a neutral colored rug, like grey or white, to help the antique rug to pop more without it appearing too small for the space. Hanging antique rugs as art is another growing trend among homeowners; a rug on the wall adds more sophistication and color to the walls, drawing your eye upwards instead of downwards. No matter how you decorate your home with Oriental and antique rugs, it’s sure to be a win for your decoration style.  


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Ready to shop for the best in Oriental rug selection? Royal Oriental Rugs in Sarasota is your one stop shop for all things rugs! We have authentic antique rugs, along with Persian, Oriental, traditional, modern, vintage and contemporary rugs of all sizes and styles. We also offer Persian rug cleaning services, and will even pick up and deliver your rugs in certain areas. Call us today!

Royal Oriental Rugs Has The Best Area Rugs In Sarasota!

Accenting your home is never easier than with Oriental rugs throughout your home. These beautiful and elegant rugs can be used for many different purposes and ways to perfectly accentuate any home’s style. And with the guidance of Royal Oriental Rugs, we have the best selection of area rugs in the Sarasota region.


Area Rug Stores Near Me

Stop searching for “area rug stores near me” and simply shop at Royal Oriental Rugs. We have a large selection of authentic vintage rugs, along with modern and more contemporary styles. We have Oriental, Persian and more traditional styles for any home’s decor that needs a little sprucing up. Whether you want a more muted color or design to a more flamboyant color choice, we have the best selection of area rugs in Sarasota. We also hand clean and repair your area rugs when needed. We will pickup and deliver your rugs for free in select areas as well, taking one less errand off your hands. If you have pets, we can specially clean your area rugs with pet odor and stain eliminating techniques to give you the freshest, cleanest and most vitalized rugs around.


Decorating With Flair

If you like to keep the decorating a little unconventional, using area rugs in different ways may be for you. It is a growing trend, but using antique runners for your kitchen or alongside your beds can add flair and class to your normally subdued rooms. You can also place a smaller antique rug on top of a neutral colored rug, like grey or white, to help the antique rug to pop more without it appearing too small for the space. Hanging antique rugs as art is another growing trend among homeowners; a rug on the wall adds more sophistication and color to the walls, drawing your eye upwards instead of downwards. No matter how you decorate your home with area rugs, it’s sure to be a win for your decoration style. And rug stores in Sarasota can help you find the right rug for any use in your home.


Area Rugs in Sarasota

Once you’re ready to do some serious browsing, it’s important to keep a few rug components in mind. Iranian or Persian rugs used to be the benchmark when it came to Oriental rugs, but in recent years, rugs coming from India, China, Tibet, Pakistan, Turkey and Napal are just as good if not better than their competitors. A lot used to be said for the thread count of a rug as well, but put more of your focus on the actual wool being used to determine its quality. Checking the tightness and regularity of the weave and the fastness and quality of the dyes used can help you decide which rug to go with. Rather than searching “rugs for sale near me”, come down to Royal Oriental Rugs. Our wide selection of area rugs will give you endless possibilities in decorating your home. Our in-house designers can help you with their consultations on the best area rugs to fit your lifestyle and house perfectly.


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Are you ready to find area rugs in Sarasota for your home? Royal Oriental Rugs is here to help! We have a huge variety of rugs to fit any room in your home with flair and purpose. Stop by our showroom today!

Make Sure Your Silk Rug Is Actually Silk!

It’s happened to many others in varying degrees: you purchase something as guaranteed 100%, whether it’s a material, design or even brand, but you find out later on that it is an imitation or knockoff. These feelings of being duped can be irritating, but the bottom line is that you seek quality products and are left with most often cheaper and less durable products instead. If you’re wondering whether your silk rug fits into this category, it can be tricky but there are some tips and tricks to be aware of in determining the authenticity. Royal Oriental Rugs in Sarasota, Florida, can help you eliminate your worries by finding only the finest authentic, vintage or modern rugs that fit your life and design. We also offer Oriental rug cleaning, with free pickup and delivery in certain locations. 


The Imitators

Some rug sellers may have an item listed as silk when in truth it has silk fibers contained in it, but not made of spinning true silk. These rugs are typically more of a mix of inexpensive cellulosic type fibers that make the rug appear to be silk, tricking you, the customer, while you’re shopping and thinking it is pure silk. The cellulosic, chemically treated fibers have a shorter lifespan and typically don’t handle regular, day-to-day foot traffic very well in the long run. Most descriptive terms of these rugs include: faux soie, coconut silk, art silk, flax silk, bamboo silk, banana silk, hemp silk, raw silk, mercerized cotton and rayon are all used when describing non-authentic silk. An imitation silk rug is typically called a Viscose rug, which are purposefully crafted to imitate real silk and trick you, the customer, into thinking it’s the real deal. 


Silk Rugs

Since most rug buyers are not professionals, it can be difficult knowing which rugs are authentic and which ones are not. Most rug professionals can tell the difference just from touch alone, but customers are left debating. You can ask the customer service agents at the rug store for assistance, as they can help guide you toward the rug of your choice and navigate which ones are made of synthetic materials. To truly know the materials used in the rug, check the label or tag on one of the back corners. This tag will tell you all sorts of information, such as where the rug was crafted, the type of rug it is, the size and the fibers used to create it. This can ensure your peace of mind when searching for the perfect rug for your home. 


Oriental Rug Cleaning

Whether your rug is silk or synthetic silk, the rug will need to be professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year, if not more. Typical household cleaners can easily damage your rug and its fibers, so it’s best to get it cleaned by a professional rug cleaning company instead. Successful cleaning will involve the silk or synthetic rug to be groomed by hand while it is drying, and using extreme caution during the cleaning process to ensure there are no dye transfer issues as well. Stains can set into a silk or synthetic rug very easily, so it’s vital to treat the rug as soon as you can to prevent any lasting damage to the silk.  


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Ready to shop with ease, knowing that you can safely find a high quality 100% silk rug? Royal Oriental Rugs is here for you with a wide selection of rugs to fit any room of your home. We also offer Oriental rug cleaning services in our Sarasota location, providing you with expertise and professional cleaning services for any type of rug you may have. Call us today!


Find Where Oriental Runner Rugs Can Go In Your Home!

You may think that runner rugs are destined for the staircases, no matter what. But a lot of homeowners are taking those traditional rugs and giving them a flip, putting them elsewhere in the home for a little touch of flair and sophistication. But where would you want to put a runner that won’t leave you needing an Oriental rug cleaning? Read on to find out more and about the cleaning services Royal Oriental Rugs offers our Tampa customers! 


In Need Of a Cleaning?

The hardest part about having your Oriental rugs throughout your house is that they can get dirty fast. You can stay on top of most messes and vacuum as much as possible, but Oriental rugs need cleaning at least once every 1-3 years by a professional to maintain their fibers and to fully remove all the dirt particles. A professional cleaning will get deep down to your rug, removing anything that can damage your rug in the long run and leave it sparkling clean and back to showcasing its natural softness and shine. 


Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, we offer the very best in professional, hand cleaning and repairing of Oriental rugs. We also treat pet odors on rugs and can assist in those pesky stains that just won’t leave. We have deodorization services that can whisk those troublesome pet odors away the first time, every time.   


Runner Rugs Are Branching Out

Having a runner on your staircase may seem like a no-brainer as stairs can take a hit cleaning wise. There’s always foot traffic, especially if you have children, and the stairs need something to pick up that extra dirt. But runners are also the perfect size for other smaller areas in your home. You may think Oriental rugs belong in only certain areas of the home, but their elegance and durability lends them the perfect aesthetic almost anywhere in the house. 


One such area that’s perfect for a runner is in the kitchen. If you have a small island, a runner between the main counter and the island is a great place for a little bit of traction and style. The rug will usually fit the space perfectly, and really helps to bring the whole kitchen together. In the living room, if you happen to have a side or coffee table, a runner will really brighten the room. And on either side of a bed is a great way to get up in the morning without getting cold feet. There’s a low amount of foot traffic in this area, but it creates a coziness in the room with a rug on each side of the bed.  


If your home has a lot of hardwood flooring, especially hallways leading to the bathrooms or bedrooms, these are great ways to showcase your Oriental runner without them getting as much foot traffic as other areas. You can place runners as an entrance rug, but if it is an older Oriental rug, this is a high-traffic area and your rug may receive more wear and tear this way, so keep that in mind. Picking a darker shade for those high-traffic areas will keep it looking clean longer, as an added bonus. Having a runner in your laundry room is a nice way to add some color and functionality without taking up a lot of space with a bigger rug. Some people have even been using runner rugs as a tablecloth runner on a table, if the rug is thin enough. If you’re considering this, it may be necessary to give your Oriental rug a good professional clean before utilizing it on your dining room table.   


So Many Choices

Runners only belonging on staircases are a thing of the past. Get creative and see what areas of your home you might like to utilize an Oriental runner. Between hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, the possibilities are endless. 


Contact Us

Wanting a few more runner rugs to finish accenting your home? Royal Oriental Rugs is here to help! Located in Tampa, we have a wide selection of antique, vintage, Persian, and contemporary rugs to suit any of your needs. We also have professional Oriental rug cleaning services, even rug repair. Give us a call today!

Choosing The Right Types Of Rugs For Your Space

If you are looking for a simple way to upgrade your living space, an area rug might do just the trick. With its elegant combination of color, pattern, and texture, a rug will succinctly tie together disparate elements in your house and give your space more character. Don’t underestimate the types of rugs available to you in rug stores. Tampa is home to Royal Oriental Rugs, an area-rug acropolis brimming with styles and designs suitable for your space. Keep reading to learn how to find the right rug!


The Types Of Rugs We Sell


When you browse our website or show up in the store, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by just how much variety we offer. Of course, we have our namesake oriental rugs in abundance. Besides this traditional design, we offer rugs of a modern style, rugs with tribal patterns, vintage rugs, and rare Persian rugs. Instead of asking yourself, “what kind of rug can I buy?”, ask yourself, “what kind of rug do I want?” – we probably stock it. And if it’s part of our inventory, it’s up to 60% off. 


Visualize The End Result


As you select your rug, determine what kind of look you want the room to have. Stately presence? Ethnic elegance? Perhaps you aspire for a traditional Victorian look, or desire to add sophisticated color to your minimal palate. If your room is bare, allow the rug of your fancy to dictate how you stylize the rest of the room. Most of our rugs are a symphony of colors and patterns, giving you plenty of design ideas for every room in your house. You can also use the rug to emphasize a thematic color or tie together various visual elements, achieving aesthetic unity!


Prioritize Practical Maintenance


Out of all the rug stores, Tampa is home to, we are unique. We want your purchase to last you a long time and continue wowing your houseguests for years to come. That’s why our store offers a 20% discount on rug cleaning and repair, incurring no delivery fees. If you’ve selected our store, you’ve already made a wise investment in the longevity of your rug; however, the type of rug you buy can also affect its lifespan. Rugs made of wool and synthetic yarn are the easiest to clean, and rugs with a dense weave will weather wear and tear better than a loose rug. Whether you plan to walk on the rug or hang it as a tapestry, be sure to have the rug cleaned at least annually, and rotate it in the room to reduce discoloration.    


Contact Us


When you’re ready to add a rug to your space, don’t search all the rug stores. Tampa is home to Royal Oriental Rugs, the only stop you’ll need to make to find all types of rugs for your home. The discounts we offer and the maintenance services we provide will make you glad you got your rug from us. Call us today to learn more! 

How To Choose The Best Rug For Every Room Of Your Home!

Knowing how to choose a rug and it’s size for every room can be daunting. With Royal Oriental Rugs, we’ll explain the best methods to help you narrow down your choices to find the best rug in Tampa. We also offer pet odor and/or stain removal, hand cleaning, hand repair, up to 20% off rug services, and an in-house designer.

We offer authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, and contemporary styles with up to 60% off rug inventory. Order with us for FREE pickup & delivery!

How to Find the Best Rug For Each Room

For the dining area, finding the measure of your length and width of your dining table. Once you have the measurements, the rug should run longer, at least 2 feet longer on each side. This allows for chairs to sit on the rug comfortably. In case of food stains, we offer up to 20% off rug services for cleaning.

Living rooms rugs must have all furniture resting on top of it. At a minimum, the front legs should be on the rug. Unsure what to choose? We offer up to 60% off rug inventory on a wide selection. 

For example, if your living room is large, you can divide the areas with their own rug, Use similar colors or designs to maintain consistency. Use our authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, and contemporary styles.

Bedroom rugs need to make the bed the focal point. The rule of them is to extend 2 feet on each side of the bed, same as the dining room rule. We offer pet odor and/or stain removal, with hand cleaning and hand repair. Just in case of furry friends leaving messes on accident! Also, use our in-house designer for custom made rugs to fit your room!

Other Spaces To Include

To help ease discomfort on your back, place a rug in front of the sink or stove in the kitchen. A rule of them is to keep it 6 inches away from cabinets with a stylish runner or rug. Use slip resistant backing to avoid falls or slips.

Use our FREE pickup & delivery for your entryways and make a great first impression on your entryway. Choose authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, or contemporary styles. But make sure it is wider than the doorway. 

Hallways should have a runner, and leave 6 inches of floor space on all sides for a comfortable fit. Patios and decks should be 2 feet wider than your table on all sides. If you’re worried about cleaning your rugs from outside, we offer pet odor and/or stain removal, and hand cleaning and hand repair. Plus up to 20% off rug services. We’ve got you covered.

Narrow Your Choices With Us

Our in-house designer can custom make your rugs for any room, or if you want a wider selection, we offer up to 60% off rug inventory in Tampa. We help narrow down choices for the best rug with Royal Oriental Rugs, and shop with us online and we’ll provide FREE pickup & delivery.

Beautiful Rug Collections For Your Home

A beautiful home deserves a periodic update. Adding an intricate rug to a bare floor is the best way to incorporate color, texture, and warmth to your home space. Royal Oriental Rugs, a Tampa company, offers a wide variety of rug designs and services to help you give your home the finishing touch it deserves.

Find A Rug To Fit The Style Of Your Home Space

A common misconception is that all the rug stores Tampa has to offer sell only Oriental-style rugs. If that traditional style does not match your home’s aesthetic, don’t worry – there are all kinds of style options available to you instead. Our store includes rugs of Persian design, modern aesthetic, and contemporary stylings. We offer authentic, tribal rugs as well as our popular, vintage Oriental rugs. Many of these rugs are made by hand or are rare. You won’t find this scope of rug design in any of the other rug stores in Tampa.

A Beautiful Rug Belongs In Every Room

Once you’ve experienced the satisfaction in a well-curated rug selection, you’ll want to pepper each room in your house with the comfort and command of a luxury rug. No matter the mood of your home, we have a rug that will elevate that mood without altering it. All rug inventory is currently on sale for up to 60% off – better than a two-for-one deal. If you need assistance taking advantage of this stellar sale but are unsure which rugs would work best for your home, our professional design consultants can point you to the perfect pieces.  

Utilize Our Helpful Rug Services

Choosing a rug for your home is an investment in your interior space. Rugs require care and maintenance in order to last their expected lifetime. We offer 20% off rug cleaning and repair, from pet odor and stain removal to hand cleaning and hand repair. Our team of professionals uses time-honored techniques to ensure the entire rug, from fringe to backing, is freed of dirt, debris, stains, and odor. Whether you’re purchasing a rug or sending it back for repair or maintenance, you will never have to pay a delivery or pickup fee. We also provide services to help you get your rugs appraised. We recommend appraisals every three years in case you decide to sell your rug and need to know what it is worth. You may be selling the rug because you want to try a new style or because you have downsized and cannot accommodate the area rug any longer. Either way, securing an updated appraisal is your first step in reselling the rug – and finding a new one to replace it!

Contact Us

If you’re looking for warehouse pricing but the expertise of an interior designer, look no further than Royal Oriental Rugs. All the rug stores Tampa has to offer cannot compete with our sales, our staff, and our selection of gorgeous, eye-popping rugs. Contact us today to get started on updating your home space with the color it craves.

Do You Know The Difference Between Oriental Rugs & Persian Rugs?

Are you thinking about getting a new rug for your home? Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, We tell you all about the differences between oriental rugs and Persian rugs. Both of these types of rugs are beautiful in their own ways, which is why many homeowners have them in their homes or simply cannot resist purchasing them. Even though both of these rugs are perfect for any household, we have found that homeowners do not know the true differences between Oriental and Persian rugs. We believe that some homeowners would love to know the differences between authenticity, artwork, and quality in general. We take pride in our rugs because we supply various patterns and sizes. We also offer rug repair Tampa locals swear by, so you can rest assured that the information we provide is accurate, and it will help you decide which rug is perfect for your home. Even if you find that both rugs are suitable for your home, you will at least know the differences. We are the best in Tampa!


Oriental Rugs Versus Persian Rugs

You are probably wondering what the true differences between Oriental in Persian rugs are. We offer amazing rugs and rug repair Tampa residence cannot live without, so we hope that you gain insight from our information. We first want to clarify what an oriental rug actually is. We like to say that an oriental rug is not always a Persian rug. However, Persian rugs can be considered an oriental rug. Essentially, an oriental rug is a type of rug that was created in the Oriental. This does not include Iran. We now want to clarify what a Persian rug is. This rug is essentially a rug that was created in Persia, and the production was in Iran. Also, we like to think of Persian rugs more so as carpets. These rugs are very high-quality for various reasons, but we like to think that homeowners are attracted to them because Persia is known for a lot of ancient artwork, and they are very famous for their rugs in general. The people who create both oriental and Persian rugs are extremely talented and skilled, which is another reason why we are so proud to sell them to homeowners all over the country.


Key Differences

We understand that just because you know what both types of rugs are, this does not mean you know the key differences between them. Here are the main differences that we want you to know about: 

  • The fringe on the ends of the rug are sewn or glued
  • Canvas is sewn onto the bottom of the rug
  • It’s easy to count the knots on the squares
  • The bottom of the rug is soft
  • The bottom matches the top of the rug


You Can Trust Us 

We supply the most beautiful rugs in the area as well as offer rug repair Tampa locals insist on. We tell you all about the differences in rugs, as well as why they are exceptional for homeowners to have in their houses. These are just a few reasons why you can trust us when it comes to purchasing the perfect rugs for your home.


Contact Us 

Royal Oriental Rugs are professionals who want to educate you on the differences between oriental rugs and Persian rugs. No matter which type of rug you choose to purchase for your home, you can be certain that it will look authentic and that you will get the bang for your buck. So call or visit us today in Tampa for more information.