Vintage rug

While the vintage rug is the opposite of the old rug, it can be said that it retains the characteristics of the old rug and is usually called an old-fashioned machine rug. It means a machine-made rug that is produced with modern machines, but has the characteristics of traditional and old and sometimes antique designs. […]

Long-term maintenance of rugs

 Any type of rug is an expensive product, especially a hand-woven rug, which is a luxury and valuable product. Handmade rugs become more and more expensive as they age, and this is an emphasis that shows us that we should take better and more care of our rugs. In many private collections and famous museums […]

Antique Rugs

Antique rugs and ways to recognize them are one of the topics that many people who are interested in buying and selling handwoven rugs. Due to the high value of old rugs in terms of price, it is necessary to be very careful in choosing them and also follow the principles to maintain them. What […]

Signs Of Mold In Carpeting

It is essential to keep your rugs clean no matter how clean you think that they are already. Royal Oriental Rugs is here to tell you how to check for signs of mold. Mold in carpeting is no joke because it can cause a lot of illnesses and other problems around your home. Luckily, if […]

What Do The Persian Rug Colors Mean?

When styling your home, you want the absolute best in colors, designs and aesthetic. When shopping for Oriental and Persian rugs, you may wonder if the rug colors have any significant meanings, in which case you are onto something. There is significance to those swirls and patterns, especially the colors, and knowing these meanings can […]

How To Choose Oriental Rugs For Your Home!

If you are looking to revamp your home this spring and summer, nothing adds more beauty and value to your home than Oriental rugs. Choosing the perfect rug for every room is no small task, however, as there’s multiple factors to take into consideration, especially if you are going to use antique rugs as well […]

Royal Oriental Rugs Has The Best Area Rugs In Sarasota!

Accenting your home is never easier than with Oriental rugs throughout your home. These beautiful and elegant rugs can be used for many different purposes and ways to perfectly accentuate any home’s style. And with the guidance of Royal Oriental Rugs, we have the best selection of area rugs in the Sarasota region.   Area […]

Make Sure Your Silk Rug Is Actually Silk!

It’s happened to many others in varying degrees: you purchase something as guaranteed 100%, whether it’s a material, design or even brand, but you find out later on that it is an imitation or knockoff. These feelings of being duped can be irritating, but the bottom line is that you seek quality products and are […]

Find Where Oriental Runner Rugs Can Go In Your Home!

You may think that runner rugs are destined for the staircases, no matter what. But a lot of homeowners are taking those traditional rugs and giving them a flip, putting them elsewhere in the home for a little touch of flair and sophistication. But where would you want to put a runner that won’t leave […]

Choosing The Right Types Of Rugs For Your Space

If you are looking for a simple way to upgrade your living space, an area rug might do just the trick. With its elegant combination of color, pattern, and texture, a rug will succinctly tie together disparate elements in your house and give your space more character. Don’t underestimate the types of rugs available to […]