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Whether you’re freshening up your home’s interior, or you’re decorating your home from scratch, there’s nothing more important than paying attention to detail while expressing your creativity. At Royal Oriental Rug, we offer the largest collection of luxury antique rugs in the state of Florida, from vintage rugs, reproduction rugs, and tapestries. Our goal is to help clients tastefully showcase their design aesthetic. If you live in Tampa and are seeking a quality floor covering, such as a tribal rug, choose us to help you bring your dream house to life. When it comes to the best “rugs near me” options, it doesn’t get any better than the Royal Oriental Rug brand.

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Our point of differentiation, beyond being Florida’s finest purveyor of antique rugs, is the array of services available to customers.
We offer everything from rug cleaning to interior design — all under one roof. Some of our services include:

Rug Cleaning

A professional rug cleaning from our skilled cleaners can restore the rich color, natural softness, and shine of your Royal Oriental Rug. If your rug lives in a high-traffic area, consider rug cleaning every one to three years. Scheduled upkeep of your floor covering will prevent damage, such as tufting and abrasion.

Interior Design

two brains are better than one. Whatever your décor ideas are, our interior designers are committed to helping you find the perfect antique rug to complete your living space.


it would be best if you had your antique rug appraised every three years. The majority of today’s insurance companies require proper documentation of your rug’s retail value. Our rug appraisal process is quick, and most of all, accurate.


if your rug moves out of place, we have the tools to enhance the appearance of your hand-woven rugs with an invisible pad solution for any surface.

What is a Tribal Rug?

Many people have a miseducation of tribal rugs. Tribal rugs are hand-knotted pieces of carpet made by nomadic tribes in different countries. Nomads weaved these rugs for the simple purpose of staying warm. This category of carpet is distinguishable by its geometric motifs, which represent global cultures. Typically, one of these rugs is composed of several repetitive motifs that feature diverse combinations of color palettes, all of which tell a rich history. This design technique enabled tribal weavers to memorize the motifs, leading to an increase in productivity. Tribal rugs make for great floor coverings, and having this label of rug in our collection is something that we don’t take for granted.

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Owning an antique rug is a pleasure that one should not take advantage of. These floor pieces must receive proper care because of the value they have. Royal Oriental Rugs wants to assist people in the Tampa area in converting their home ideas into a reality they love. Whether you need a tribal rug, a Persian rug, or a European rug, we have all your “rugs near me needs” covered. Call us today to receive more information about our extensive collection.