Persian Rugs

Are you in need of a new rug, but aren’t sure about what kind you should get? If so, we at Royal Oriental Rugs have the perfect suggestion for you with our Persian rugs. As Florida’s largest supplier of luxury antique rugs, we not only pride ourselves with our expansive collection of the best rugs available, but we also boast top of the line customer service. Located in Tampa, we provide service to many different locations all across Florida. Below we’ll explain why you need to get a Persian rug today as well as all the great services we can provide you with at Royal Oriental Rugs.

Why Persian Rugs?

So what makes a Persian rug so special? Unlike other rugs that are mass-produced in a factory, all authentic Persian rugs are made by hand. What this means is that every Persian rug created is completely unique and one of kind. The process of making a Persian rug by hand is quite difficult and can take months. Very few people know how to create them and they can only be found in Iran. This scarcity and rarity only make them all that more desirable. Of course what really makes people want them so bad is how they are both incredibly strong and long-lasting, while also being incredibly beautiful. Much like a renaissance painting, these rugs are works of art and it really shows. These rugs are perfect additions to any room and will be sure to stand out and draw the attention of anyone inside.

Why Get Your Rugs From Us?

As we’ve mentioned before you won’t find another rug dealer in Florida that has a selection as large and diverse as ours. Some types and styles of rugs we offer include authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. On top of our giant selection of antique rugs, we also offer many different services including:

Pet Odor and/or Stain Removal
Accidents happen and as such we’re here to make them seem as if they never happened to your rug. We will carefully clean your rug in a way that will not cause further damage and that will preserve the integrity of your rug.

Hand Cleaning
Much like how a Persian Rug is handcrafted, these kinds of rugs need to be hand cleaned. While these rugs are incredibly durable, harsh chemical cleaners can do serious damage to even them.

Hand Repair
With the complexity that goes into making a Persian rug, you need someone very skilled to repair one. These are intricate pieces of work that should be repaired in the same way you would go about restoring a historical artifact.

An In-House Designer
Unsure of what rug will best suit your needs? You’re in luck because our in-house designer is available for consultations.

We also offer free pickup and delivery for our rugs as well as up to 20% off our rug services (cleaning & repair) and discounts up to 60% off on our rug inventory. It’s never been easier to get an affordable and high-quality rug than from Royal Oriental Rugs.

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If you’re looking to spice up your home with some authentic Persian rugs, look no farther than Royal Oriental Rugs. Located in Tampa we offer our services over many different areas of Florida and we’d be happy to do the same for you.