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How Often Should You Do a Rug Cleaning?

Professional cleanings are more than just for cleaning out the dust. They are meant to help bring back the original quality of the rug and help you continue to gain from your investment. By taking the time to get it cleaned, you can loosen all of the minute particles that cloud the material and ultimately decrease the longevity of your rug. This is because these particular particles are generally sharp and dig into the material and tear at the threads that make it up.

If your rug is in an area that receives quite a bit of traffic, such as an entrance hallway or a family room, you should consider getting it cleaned every one to three years. Meanwhile, areas with much lower traffic, such as a dining room or a formal living room, can be left to be cleaned every five to seven years.

What is Our Royal Oriental Rug Cleaning Process?

We at Royal Oriental Rugs pride ourselves on having our own unique process to clean your rugs. It is a step-by-step system that ensures the quality of the end result, as well as protects your rug during the cleaning process.

First Step: We inspect all parts of the rug. This includes the fringe, if applicable, and the back of it where it actually touches the ground.

Second Step: If the rug has a lot of dust because it has been some time since the last cleaning, we will take the time to beat the rug to remove any dust and dirt.

Third Step: We then apply water to the rug. This allows the dust particles to be loosened and prepared for the gentle soap and water solution which will then be applied to the rug.

Fourth Step: This solution of soap and water will be whisked across the rug with brushes and brooms to fully attend to all sections of the rug. Because the fringe can often experience a lot of damage, special attention is paid to this component.

Fifth Step: When the rug has been thoroughly scrubbed, we rinse the rug and remove any leftover soap. Once this is complete, we will apply white vinegar to restore sheen and texture to the rug.

Sixth Step: After we are satisfied with how the rug looks, we will let it dry and get it ready to return to you.

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