Make Carpet Cleaning A Part Of Your Spring Cleaning List!

Spring has finally sprung and are we not all ready for a fresh, new start? Well then, let’s get out with the old and in with the new! Speaking of the old, how long has it been since your carpets were cleaned? Could there be old dust bunnies burrowed deep in those fibers? 

Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, we know quality is not just about how things look, but how they feel. We have been helping Tampa area residents capture that fresh feeling in their homes by offering oriental rug cleaning services. As Florida’s finest purveyor of antique rugs, we know routine rug maintenance is the key. Read on to find out why Spring is the prime time for carpet cleaning. 


Allergies Are The Prime Reason For Spring Carpet Cleaning 

Hay fever strikes a record number of Americans each year. Dirt, dust, and dander accumulate deep down in carpets. Regular vacuuming is no match for these allergens. 


When your body is under attack from pervasive allergens, it becomes more vulnerable to all allergens. Cats may not bother you under normal circumstances, but you may find yourself succumbing to sneezing fits and wheezing uncontrollably this time of year. Regular oriental rug cleaning can reduce your overall allergen load, creating a healthier environment for you and your family all year long.  


Chemicals And Dirt: The Silent Carpet Killer

Regular allergens are not the only things lurking in your carpet. Chemicals from fertilizers and pest control are tracked in on your shoes and linger throughout your home, embedding themselves deeply within carpet fibers. Without regular cleaning, these chemicals can lead to permanent damage and discoloration of your carpet fibers. 


Speaking of discoloration, is your rug looking a little less vibrant these days? Sunlight may indeed be causing your carpet to fade over time, but a more likely culprit might be dirt tracked in on shoes. Keep your carpets looking fresh and vibrant longer by scheduling regular cleanings to prevent dirt buildup and color fading. 


Oriental Rug Cleaning: The Key To Making A Funky House, Fresh

You cannot keep your home fresh if your antique rug smells funky. Dust can capture and hold odor from the air, leaving behind that dreaded “musty” smell. While this is especially true of smoke and cooking odor, a pet stain from your quarantine puppy may not have been cleaned as thoroughly as you think. Our specialists can easily and thoroughly clean those pet stains and odors so that you can be confident that your home smells as fresh as it feels. 


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