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Owning an antique rug is a pleasure that we should not take advantage of. It is important these pieces are taken care of to ensure they last far beyond the time they spend in your home. Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, we offer many services that you must take advantage of when it comes to your rugs near me. We are proud to specialize in home interior design in Tampa.

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Hand Cleaning
It is truly amazing how a professional rug cleaning can bring back your Oriental rug’s rich color, natural softness, and shine. But that’s not all a proper cleaning will accomplish. Loosening and removing dust and dirt from wool, silk, or cotton fibers also increases longevity. If you look at particles of soil, dust, and dirt under a microscope, you can see sharp edges that can rip, tear and abrade, weakening both the knots and foundation. Professional cleaning prevents this type of damage.

Rug Repair & Restoration
Professional cleanings are more than just for cleaning out the dust. They are meant to help bring back the original quality of the rug and help you continue to gain from your investment. By taking the time to get it cleaned, you can loosen all of the minute particles that cloud the material and ultimately decrease the longevity of your rug. This is because these particular particles are generally sharp and dig into the material and tear at the threads that make it up.

Have your rug appraised every three years. Today, most insurance companies require proper documentation of your rug’s retail value. Please feel free to contact us in regards to your rug appraisal needs.

Does your rug move out of place? Enhance the appearance of your hand-woven rugs with invisible pad solutions for any surface.

Treatment & Maintenance
Please feel free to contact Royal Oriental Rugs at any time to schedule a yearly rotation for your rugs, making sure they receive even exposure to light, traffic, and wear.

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Vintage Rugs, Reproduction Rugs, and Tapestries. Royal Oriental Rugs is Florida’s finest purveyor of Antique Rugs. As you choose from some of the finest Persian, European and Oriental Carpets and Tapestries in the Florida, feel confident that we provide the highest standard of quality and commitment to excellence. Giving each and every client a sense of trust and assurance is a philosophy that has become a Royal Oriental Rug trademark.

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Our interior designers in Tampa are committed to helping you find the perfect rug to complete your living space. You can trust us when it comes to home interior design. We understand the value that an oriental rug can have, which is why we ensure that our rugs are of the highest quality possible. Whether you need to find a new rug to update your home or restore a rug you already have, Royal Oriental Rugs Tampa is here. Contact us today, or stop by our store to see what amazing rugs we have to offer. We have the best rugs near me.

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