Traditional Rugs

Traditional area rugs add elegance to your space, but they also bring a nostalgic feel to any room they inhabit. Formal and impressive in their often intricate designs, traditional rugs enhance your floors, coming in a variety of colors from maroon to beige, and a range of patterns. These large area rugs have been in style for centuries, often inspired by European or Asian elements. It is said that people were originally drawn to these rugs for their ability to make a space feel cozier, either by adding warmth to a large room or making a small room seem bigger than it actually was. In fact, it used to be customary to line the floors of palaces with traditional style rugs not only to make the rooms feel bigger but to impress visitors with their elegant, eye-catching designs. At Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa, shoppers have a diverse selection of rugs to choose from to bring life to their floors.

About Traditional Rugs

Traditional area rugs can add character to any room in an instant. The authentic designs of the past that influence the motif of each piece magnify the beauty of your space effortlessly. While these rugs add grace and a regal, vintage sense of style wherever you need it, they’re still very modern, coming in many contemporary designs to fit every shopper’s style. These rugs are so versatile that you can add them to almost any room, and gain satisfaction with the final results. Choosing a large area rug for your room is a big decision, so you need to find one that ties in well with the design of your space. Besides being incredibly stylish, rugs have the added benefit of noise control, putting an end to that pesky echo in your larger rooms. They can also be used to bring attention to your furniture or highlight color schemes, or even make a small room feel larger.

Royal Oriental Rugs Range of Traditional Area Rugs

Royal Oriental Rugs has a large selection of sophisticated traditional rugs in a variety of designs that can easily help you achieve the timeless style you’re looking for. Their interior designers make it their mission to bring their clients original, high-quality designs. Best of all, their pricing is competitive, so you can get the rug of your dreams without blowing a hole through your bank account. Their large area rugs come in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns, shapes, and materials.

What Royal Oriental Rugs Can Offer You

Royal Oriental Rugs offers in-house designers available for consultations at your discretion, FREE pickup and delivery services, pet odor and stain removal, as well as hand cleaning and hand repair to keep your rugs in top condition. They also offer up to 20% off rug services (cleaning and repair), and up to 60% off their rug inventory.

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