Get Professional Rug Cleaning In St. Pete To Avoid These Mistakes

So you’ve found the perfect rug for your space. You were probably so excited to get it home and lay it out, but now you’re fighting to keep it clean. As the spills, grime, hair, dirt, and dust pile up, you may be thinking about taking on this project yourself. However, all rugs are not […]

Oriental Rug Cleaning St Petersburg FL Loves!

Owning Oriental rugs adds style and sophistication to any room of your home. But when you’re faced with rug cleaning, especially in St. Petersburg, Florida, you may think your options are limited. Royal Oriental Rugs offers a wide array of services to keep your rugs in tip top shape, including pickup and delivery to customers […]

Advantages of Professional Rug Cleaning

There are many advantages of using a professional rug cleaning company to freshen up all of your favorite rugs. Rugs are made of viscose and synthetic fibers that are very hard to clean. Rugs have grooves and overlaps that are able to capture a lot of dirt. Cleaning rugs or carpets by hand can be […]

3 Reasons to Trust a Rug Cleaning Service With Your Valuable Rugs

Do you have valuable rugs in your home? If the answer is yes, chances are you spend an unnatural amount of time worrying about their cleanliness and overall well-being. When you have expensive rugs there’s always a chance mistakes are going to happen. We are all human after all (although pets are often a culprit […]

Pets Ruining Your Clean Oriental Rug?

Hardly will you find an apartment in Tampa without pets. They are adorable, beautiful, and help improve the fun in the house. Yet, they sometimes become too much of a trouble for you. If you have a clean oriental rug in your home, are you often concerned about your pet ruining the rug? Even after […]

Area Rug Cleaning: New Year, New Rug!

We’ve reached a new decade: 2020! We’ve all heard of new year cleaning, but a new decade is easily the best time for some major cleaning to make your home feel fresh and invigorated. If you have a quality rug at home, then now is the time to invest in area rug cleaning. We at […]

Trust Rug Cleaning Professionals & Don’t DIY

Many of us enjoy the luxury and beauty of ornate rugs in our homes, and keeping those rugs clean and pristine is important to retain the quality of those rugs. Many rug owners think that cleaning their rugs at home is a simple task, but this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, a do-it-yourself rug cleaning […]

Pet Stains: Cleaning Carpet Stains Out of Your Rug

Pets are a member of your family; there is no doubt about that. However, they can make things more complicated when it comes to cleaning carpet stains. Most people think that once there is a pet stain on your carpet, that rug is done, but that’s not the case. There is hope for your carpet […]

20 Tips About Oriental Rugs

Are you the proud owner of an antique rug, and are you worried that you may not be taking care of it the right way? Our experts know how special these rugs truly are and it is our job to ensure they are taken care of properly. That is why Royal Oriental Rugs is here […]

Different Kinds of Rug Repair

Everyone like rugs, as they add to the beauty of any place. It’s normal for rugs to wear and tear, however, if you absolutely love your rug and it’s on it’s last leg, don’t hesitate rug repair! Repairing your rug can prevent problems in the future and in addition rug repair  can help to preserve […]