All About Rug Cleaning in Tampa

Rug Cleaning in Tampa

If you’re curious to know all about rug cleaning in Tampa, and how you can choose the best rug store, please check out our articles here. If you think we’re missing anything, please let us know!

Removing Beet Stains From Your Carpet Or Rug

Beet stains are one of the most challenging rug or carpet stains to remove. It is a rough stain consisting of natural organic pigments that don’t leave quickly. The fact is that for many years, people used beets as a textile dye for this exact reason, the natural organic pigments it contains. However, removing beet […]

Prevent Spills On Oriental Rugs In Your Home This Summer!

With the upcoming warmer weather, this can only mean backyard barbecues, pool parties, and other festivities for your friends and family. All these activities may lead to spills on your Oriental rugs, and you’ll need to find a local area rug cleaning company to help you keep your rugs in tip top shape. Royal Oriental […]

If you knew how much dirt and grime sat in your carpet, it would be hard to relax on the floor anytime soon. Royal Oriental Rugs offers pet odor and/or stain removal for your carpets, as well as hand cleaning and hand repair with up to 20% off rug services. We also offer these tips […]