Removing Beet Stains From Your Carpet Or Rug

Beet stains are one of the most challenging rug or carpet stains to remove. It is a rough stain consisting of natural organic pigments that don’t leave quickly. The fact is that for many years, people used beets as a textile dye for this exact reason, the natural organic pigments it contains. However, removing beet stains from carpets and rugs is possible. We put together this guide to eliminate these stains as recommended by experts in rug stain removal at Royal Oriental Rugs. You don’t need to search online for “Tampa rug cleaning services” as we have experts in carpet and rug cleaning to offer the best services in Tampa. 


Removing Beet Stains From Carpets And Rugs


The first thing to do in removing beet stains is gently dabbing the stain using a dry cloth so you can eliminate excess liquid leftover. After that, put a clean sponge in cold water, hold it on the stained spot, and then soak it up using a dry clean cloth. Do this process repeatedly. Stubborn stains often need an extra step of sponging the area and wiping with a mixture of water (2 cups) and 2 tbsp of dishwashing detergent. You can also clean beet stains by soaking a slice of bread (white bread) in cold water and leaving it on the stain. Leave for a few minutes and give it time to absorb fully into the bread. Then, carefully and gently, remove the slice of bread from the stain. 


Careful Points To Note About Beet Stain Removal


Stains have more tendency to disappear quickly if dealt with as soon as they occur. 

  • For fat-based colors (beet stains are not), cold water is the best option for removing these stains instead of hot water because hot water may make the stain stick. 
  • Before you use any cleaning solution on your carpet or rug, do a test in one corner of your mat where it won’t be so visible so it won’t spoil your material. Rinse out all kinds of cleaning solutions before you try using another in removing a stain. Certain chemicals can damage your material or cause new stains when mixed. 
  • Avoid rubbing your rug fibers harshly because it can damage the rug or make the stain more severe. 
  • Ensure that the clothes or towels you use in blotting the stain are white and also clean. 


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Prevent Spills On Oriental Rugs In Your Home This Summer!

With the upcoming warmer weather, this can only mean backyard barbecues, pool parties, and other festivities for your friends and family. All these activities may lead to spills on your Oriental rugs, and you’ll need to find a local area rug cleaning company to help you keep your rugs in tip top shape. Royal Oriental Rugs in Sarasota offers the best in hand cleaning and repairing, while also offering free pickup and delivery to certain locations. Read on to find out how you can help prevent those spills from even happening to your rugs.


Prevention Goes A Long Way

Will you be able to stop every spill that may occur during all your home’s festivities? Most likely not, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to prevent them from happening anyway. Even if you were able to stop one spill from happening, that’s better than nothing, right? Just being aware of the potential mess-makers in the home, like children and pets or your clumsy Uncle Murray, can help you avoid some simple yet devastating spills that can happen. Spraying some stain repellant onto your chairs and cushions can help, as well as having inexpensive plastic tablecloths on all the tables and even the counters. This can allow for a quick clean-up before the spill carries onto the floor, and potentially your Oriental rugs, hopefully eliminating the need for area rug cleaning. Although it isn’t a bad idea to also have some stain remover on hand for if and when the spills occur. Providing plenty of paper plates, napkins and coasters throughout your home in various food areas will help remind people to use them, which may seem like a no-brainer to some, but for others, grabbing a quick chip with dip without a plate, may seem like a no-brainer as well. 


Spills on Oriental Rugs

Another way to avoid many spills in the house is to hold your party completely outdoors. If you’re hosting a barbecue anyway, most of the party-goers are going to be gathering outside anyway, and you can easily corral others outdoors too. That doesn’t mean that no one will be inside at any given time, but it can help decrease foot traffic within your home and keep most of the food outdoors, away from your rugs. Of course, even with the best intentions, spills still happen, and being prepared for that can help alleviate any stress during the party once you discover a spill. Your first reaction may be to scrub the daylights out of the spot, especially if you don’t know how long the stain has been sitting there. Although it’s a common solution, it may not be right for your Oriental rugs, which are strong but don’t do well with harsh chemicals often found in most stain remover products. It’s better to recognize what it is that spilled onto your rug, and figure out what works best to clean it. You may recall a few basic stains and the area rug cleaning methods best used, but for more random food items such as barbecue sauce or mustard, you may not remember those. If need be, even Google the spills and cleanup methods to ensure you aren’t using any products that are too harsh for your rugs to clean up the spills. It’s always better to err on the side of caution than to go full force into scrubbing and spraying products into the rug. 


Trust The Professionals

If the stain didn’t come all the way out, it may be time to seek professional cleaning services as well. Most Oriental rugs will need a yearly cleaning, if not more, to maintain the rug’s fibers and natural softness. Depending on the amount of foot traffic your rugs see, they could need two or more cleanings a year to stay stain free and luxurious. If you already know it’s been a while since the last time the rugs were professionally cleaned, you can plan your parties around that time frame as well, knowing that spills may happen and it’s going to get cleaned anyway. 


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Do you have spills on your Oriental rugs that just won’t go away? A professional clean by Royal Oriental Rugs can help! Located in Sarasota, we offer free pickup and delivery in certain areas, and also offer a pet odor removal service to leave your rugs fresh, clean, and vibrant. Call us today!

If you knew how much dirt and grime sat in your carpet, it would be hard to relax on the floor anytime soon. Royal Oriental Rugs offers pet odor and/or stain removal for your carpets, as well as hand cleaning and hand repair with up to 20% off rug services. We also offer these tips for rugs and stain types. From heavy textiles to utilitarian purposes. Having the warmth and feel add to the space and under your feet in Tampa. Prolong the life of your rug by having great maintenance. 

We have up to 60% off rug inventory, and if you’re looking for custom designs, we have an in-house designer available for consultations. Come see our collection of authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. We also offer FREE pickup & delivery.

Stain Types 

  • Grease, Oil, Makeup, Crayon Messes

Start by scraping up the material as best as you can. Use a cloth with rubbing alcohol over the spoiled location. Pat dry with a clean towel, and repeat the process until the stain is entirely removed.

  • Mud

If you have high traffic coming in, chances are they might get mud on your rug. Try and break the particles into tiny pieces and vacuum. Put liquid detergent soap with warm water and place it in the area. Gently use a soft cloth or sponge to dab and pat dry. 

  • Ketchup and Acids

Use the mixture of 1tbsp. Of ammonia and 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. Use this solution on the ketchup or other acids that stain the rug. Blot the liquid dry with a towel, and use hydrogen peroxide for deep cleaning if the first solution does not work. Our in-house designer can also offer trips and tricks to help remove stains with our pet odor and/or stain removal.

With our selection of authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, contemporary styles, and our pet odor and/or stain removal, we have you covered. Our cleaning services are up to 20% off rug services, with hand cleaning and hand repair. Not to mention we have FREE pickup & delivery with up to 60% off rug inventory.

How Often to Clean Rugs

With these different types of stains, it’s best to deep clean your rug at least once a year. If used in a high traffic area, it’s recommended you clean once every six months. To determine if your rug needs to be cleaned, place your hand on the fibers and rub for 10 seconds. If you see lots of dust flying off the rug, it’s in an indicator to go to a cleaning company. Use our hand cleaning and hand repair services, and save up to 20% off rug services.

Oritental Rugs At Home

Choose your style with Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa and how to handle stain types. We have authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. If you’re unsure, use our in-house designer for consultation or custom pieces. We also have up to 60% off rug inventory with FREE pickup & delivery.