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Carpet or Rug restoration

The term restoration does not include all the features of the carpet damage restoration process. Sometimes carpet restoration can be attributed to different words such as refurbishing. Generosity in our society is rooted in our culture and traditions, which sometimes conflict with scientific and academic definitions. According to carpet experts, it can be divided into […]

Fading of the carpet due to washing

If we do not use proper and measured chemical detergents in washing the carpet, the color of the carpet will fade. Keep in mind that strong detergents can damage carpet fibers. The high color contrast between the front and back of the carpet indicates wear and tear along with the color fading of the carpet. […]

Burn of the hand-woven rug or carpet

How to get rid of carpet burns? Especially hand-woven carpets, which have a higher price and we do not want the slightest damage to them, we all know very well that hand-woven carpets are made using completely natural materials, and for this reason, in most cases, they have a much higher resistance to all types […]

Modes of tilting carpets and carpet panels

Methods of detecting warping of carpets and carpet panels To detect the tilting of the carpet and carpet along the length of the carpet, we can fold our carpet or carpet in half so that the edges are on top of each other. If we see that the length of the carpet and the carpet […]

Rug and colors

In general, lighter colored carpets make the room appear more open and dark carpets may make your room appear smaller. , Creating a dynamic home that has the right mood is influenced by the color of your walls, floor and furniture. When you install a light or dark colored rug in the living room, bedroom […]

Great practical tips for using carpets in home decoration

Carpets have magical powers. Apart from the necessary warmth and comfort, in every room in modern and minimal houses, they soften even the softest environments. The use of carpets in decoration can connect a room, design and place together. In a chaotic and cluttered space, rugs can be used to divide large spaces into more […]

The color of carpets

Suitable carpet color combination Each person likes a certain color and we do not intend to provide a definition for the concept of beauty here, but on the other hand, each culture prefers different colors, for example, most western customers look for carpets with lighter backgrounds, such as Nain or cashmere carpets with soft colors. […]

The effect of sunlight on the rug

Sunlight can have irreversible effects on rugs. Hand-woven rugs, corporate rugs, expensive rugs and other second-hand and cheap rugs can lose their quality under the influence of sunlight and do not show the original beauty. Low quality and second-hand rugs are more damaged when exposed to sunlight, but other quality rugs are not immune to […]

Vintage rug

While the vintage rug is the opposite of the old rug, it can be said that it retains the characteristics of the old rug and is usually called an old-fashioned machine rug. It means a machine-made rug that is produced with modern machines, but has the characteristics of traditional and old and sometimes antique designs. […]

Long-term maintenance of rugs

 Any type of rug is an expensive product, especially a hand-woven rug, which is a luxury and valuable product. Handmade rugs become more and more expensive as they age, and this is an emphasis that shows us that we should take better and more care of our rugs. In many private collections and famous museums […]