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Rug Cleaning in Orlando

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The cause and trick of fixing rugs

The curvature of the rug is one of the defects of different types of rugs, which has arisen for some reasons and causes the rug to look old and ugly. Rug skewness is caused by excessive pounding of the initial weaving of the weave, or it may be due to various reasons such as non-uniform […]

Renew your Oriental Rug

Today, carpets have become one of the most important components of home decoration. When you buy a new rug, you will be fascinated by its designs and patterns, and you will surely think about how to keep the rug always clean and new. Methods of carpet renewal Carpet renovation methods are a set of methods […]

How to clean handmade Rugs?

Finally bought a handmade rug! You have now entered a world of luxuries and on the other hand of splendor. Maybe you have added a new and wonderful piece to your valuable collection. However, this new and original member of your home can give a new look to the environment that surrounds it. It does […]

The best Oriental Rug color for decoration

Carpets are considered as an inseparable and extremely luxurious member of interior decoration all over the world, which is used by most designers, and its special place in the field of interior decoration design is undeniable. Sometimes it’s really unimaginable to imagine a stylish and luxurious classic space without a rug!First the carpet, then the […]

Silk Oriental Rug

Handmade silk carpets can be considered as one of the most exquisite and valuable works of art. When it comes to silk carpets, the first thing that may subconsciously come to our mind is its high price, which has made this type of carpet not only welcomed. For the sake of special quality and elegance, […]

Oriental Rug and Allergy

If you cannot stop sneezing or itching of your nose and throat while you are at home, it may be because of your new and luxurious carpet, in addition to giving beauty and fresh look to your home, also has problematic effects. The fact is that every time you walk on a carpet, some allergens […]

Oriental Rug Restoration

 It is an art that was created after the enduring art of carpet weaving. It is natural that the carpet is exposed to damage such as rot, tearing, burns, corrosion, etc., so the need to repair and modify the carpet is a basic need. What is the meaning of carpet restoration? Does carpet repair require […]

Rug stains

Do you know how to deal with hard stains on your carpet? Some methods can really make things worse! In fact, there is no golden rule for cleaning carpets. Stains and different spots react to different methods and techniques, so one of the most important aspects of carpet cleaning is determining the type of stain […]

Rug’s design

Today, carpets have a lot of variety in design. Before buying a rug, you need to decide what kind of decoration you want for your home. The choice of carpet for the home is made according to the style of decoration. If you are interested in modern and contemporary spaces, you should choose modern carpets. […]

Principles of choosing the right rug for home decoration

One of the most important elements of decoration in any home is the carpet. Rugs, especially handmade rugs, are a work of art and have different patterns and types, each of which creates a special style and atmosphere in the house. This variety often confuses buyers and ultimately selects the wrong carpets. Most people go […]