Fading of the carpet due to washing

If we do not use proper and measured chemical detergents in washing the carpet, the color of the carpet will fade.

Keep in mind that strong detergents can damage carpet fibers.

The high color contrast between the front and back of the carpet indicates wear and tear along with the color fading of the carpet.

One of the other reasons for the fading of old carpets is the re-tying of its wool, in which case the adjacent parts become discolored.

The ultraviolet rays of the sun are also effective in fading the carpet after washing.

Different colors react differently to sunlight.

Never use hot water to wash your hand-woven or machine-made carpet. This is necessary to stabilize the color of the carpet.

To dry the carpet at home, spread it from the back and in the shade away from direct sunlight and in the open air.

After the carpet is dry, brush it with a brush towards the bed of the carpet so that all the designs of the carpet are in place.

Do hand-woven carpets fade more or machine-made carpets?

If the hand-woven carpets are exposed to abrasion, their original color will fade and the so-called foot wear will increase.

If you use inappropriate alkaline detergents to wash a handmade carpet at home, the carpet will be chlorinated, and as a result, the fibers and wool of the carpet will lose their scales; In this case, the colors of the hand-woven carpet are not coordinated and the durability and life of the carpet is reduced.

Placing hand-woven carpets under the sun with frequent trips also causes it to age or fade.

Machine-made carpets also lose their texture softness after continuous washing, depending on the type of warp and weft.

Because vegetable dyes are used in handmade carpets, washing should be done very carefully.

Know that you should never use strong cleaners to remove tea or coffee stains for this category of carpets.

One of the ways to solve the problem of carpet fading

After the expert’s diagnosis, the best type of washing is suggested to the customer based on the sensitivity and type of carpet.

And in order to solve the problem of fading carpets, painting and painting services are provided. In this method, experienced experts paint with paint and mineral paint powder according to the analysis of the colors in the carpet.

In this case, the colors sit with a high concentration on the pale or discolored parts of the carpet.