The Best Oriental Carpet Cleaning To Kick Start Spring Cleaning!

Everybody knows that with spring in full swing, spring cleaning is underway. With so many people working from home and spending more time indoors, now is the time to give your home a thorough scrubbing, including your Oriental rugs. Carpet cleaning is a necessity but even more so with the added foot traffic. Royal Oriental Rugs in Orlando, Florida, can take care of your area rug cleaning. We offer free pickup and delivery for certain areas and perform our rug repair and cleaning all by hand. 


Spring Cleaning Done Right

We don’t mean doing the usual weekly or daily cleaning that’s required in your home, but we mean serious spring cleaning. Maybe not toothbrush to the tile floor cleaning, but maybe close. With the arrival of spring, it’s a time of renewal and longer, warmer days spent outdoors and embracing nature. While many of you may feel especially stir crazy with spending more time at home, now is the time to get it whipped into shape before the nice weather and exploring comes calling. Whether you had to redo your home to fit in a makeshift office or school, your house may need a slight revamp as well to get some organization back. The first step in getting your home in tip top shape should be having a plan. Get your thoughts sorted on each room and what needs to be done in each, whether it’s just deep cleaning or going through items no longer needed, having a plan will help you tackle each room successfully and keep you focused on the tasks at hand. Getting some help for the big clean will also help you accomplish more. Enlisting help from friends, family, neighbors, whoever you think will say yes will give you the upper hand in tackling your house from top to bottom.


Carpet Cleaning During The Process

You’ll want to shift focus on going through your items, if need be, and paring down room by room. It may be your closets that need a trimming down of articles, or maybe the attic or basement where you don’t even remember what’s in there. Getting the excess stuff out of your home will make the next step even easier: moving everything out and about so you can properly clean. And we mean moving everything. To get your carpet and area rug cleaning done right, you won’t want any furniture on the areas so you can get every square inch cleaned thoroughly. If you have help already on your side, this will make the process much easier as moving sofas out of a room by yourself is not recommended. But, deep cleaning the rugs and carpet with everything out of the room makes a huge difference that you’ll be able to feel. You can clean the carpets and rugs yourself, but all Oriental rugs need professional cleaning at least once or twice a year, so if they’re already due or close to being due for another cleaning, you might as well get it done now when your home is at its freshest. Having the rugs professionally cleaned will be like receiving all new rugs back, as the cleaning process is much more thorough being done by a rug cleaning company than any DIY recipe you can find online. 


Area Rug Cleaning

Royal Oriental Rugs will transform your Oriental area rugs back into their full and glossy shape. Our professional cleaning loosens up all the dirt and debris that’s been trapped in your rugs for months, revealing their deep and rich colors. Your Oriental rugs’ natural softness will be restored. We clean our rugs by hand, and offer rug repair by hand as well. If you have pets at home, also consider getting our pet stain and odor removal services to ensure a deep clean. 


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Ready to spring into gear with your spring cleaning? Don’t forget to add carpet cleaning to your list. Trust Royal Oriental Rugs in Orlando to provide the best in professional rug cleaning. We even offer up to 20% off our cleaning and repairing services. Call us today!

If You Can’t Get The Wax Out You May Need Professional Rug Cleaning

Oh no! You spilled a bunch of wax on your oriental rug! No need to worry. Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, we tell you the proper ways to clean your rug in case you spill something on it that’s difficult to remove. Wax is one of the hardest substances to remove from a surface once it spills, let alone your oriental rug. Fortunately, there are proper techniques you can use to get the wax out and have your rug looking as good as new. Our professional rug cleaning service has a lot of experience in getting out stains, wax, and anything else that homeowners are likely to spill on their rugs. Just because your rug is of great quality and is a statement piece in your home, it is still a rug, and it is very common for accidents to occur. We don’t want you to panic if you accidentally spilled something on your rug. However, it’s essential to take the information we provide into consideration so you can learn how to properly clean your rug to remove the stain once and for all. We offer oriental rug cleaning Tampa locals swear by, so you can rest assured that our cleaning tips will save your rug. We are the best in Tampa!


Professional Rug Cleaning Tips 

You’re probably wondering what cleaning tips we recommend after spilling wax or something else on your oriental rug. We have oriental rug cleaning Tampa residents cannot live without, so you will be able to get your wax out in no time with our advice. There are two types of methods that can help you remove wax. These methods are cold and hot methods. It’s important to look into what kind of stain and rug you have so you can determine which method is right for your situation. The cold method is ideal if you are trying to remove wax that is colored because color can stay on your rug. This method involves using an ice cube and a bag so you can place the ice cube on top of the bag, and the wax will slowly freeze and break off easily. The hot method is great for wax that is white or does not have a color in general. This method uses an iron, paper bag, and you have to essentially iron the wax over the bag. The wax will then come off, and your rug will be left spotless.


Which Method Is For You 

It is ideal if you know what type of rug you have so you can determine which method to use. Even if you think that the Hut method is what you need, make sure that your rug is not going to burn or damage in any way. We can always help you determine which method is best for you because we have oriental rug cleaning Tampa locals love!


We Can Help 

Sometimes stains can be extremely stubborn, and no matter how hard you try to remove them, they just won’t budge. We want you to know that we can help you clean your rug if you feel like you need professionals to help you. We have a lot of knowledge and experience cleaning many rugs.


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Royal Oriental Rugs are professionals who want you to have the professional rug cleaning experience yourself. Use our tips to get any wax or stains out of your rug. Call or visit us today in Tampa to learn more about cleaning your rug.


A Rug Cleaning Service Is Perfect For A New Rug Owner!

If you’ve never purchased a really nice rug before, it can feel like a bit of a nerve-wracking process. Taking care of a beautiful oriental rug can be a simple thing to do with the right cleaners and information. Whether you just received your new rug or haven’t pulled the trigger yet and just want to know what to expect, read on to learn more about how to take care of a rug and what to expect so that you can make the most of your investment for years to come. Royal Oriental Rugs is one of the top rug stores Tampa residents love. We provide a total rug cleaning service with pet odor and/or stain removal, hand cleaning, hand repair, and up to 2-% off rug services (cleaning & repair). Call Royal Oriental Rugs for your rug needs today!


FAQs About Using A Rug Cleaning Service And More


Here are some FAQs that we get about caring for a rug and what to expect:

  • Are creases normal in new rugs?- The larger rugs that you can order are typically shipped folded to help with fast and easy fishing. Due to this, it’s common to sea noticeable lines or creases in new rugs. This is totally normal, and the creases will become less noticeable over time as the rug settled. The process can be expedited by making sure the rug is set up properly as soon as it arrives.
  • How do I set up my new rug?- Depending on the material of the rug and severity of the field, it can take days or weeks for the rug to totally settle into place. To assist with this, you can:
    • Remove it from its packing and unfold it immediately
    • Fold the rug in the opposite direction of its current folds
    • Vacuum the rug thoroughly after it’s unfolded
    • Move heavy furniture on top of the rug and walk across it like normal.
  • How should I clean my new rug?- If it’s a small spill, the key is to move quickly. Get rid of any solid debris, then soak up any liquids with a clean cloth. For larger spills, it is best to take your rug to a professional rug cleaner like Royal Oriental Rugs, one of the top rug stores Tampa residents love.


More FAQs On Rug Care 

  • How often should I vacuum my rug?- Vacuuming your rug regularly is an important aspect of keeping it looking great. How often you decide to vacuum will depend a lot on the material of your rug and how much traffic it sees. The majority of rugs can be vacuumed every 1 to 2 week, while in high-traffic areas you may want to vacuum up to twice a day. You can also always decide to get your rug regularly cleaned by professionals.
  • Is it normal for rugs to shed?- For the first few weeks, it’s possible that your new rug may shed, and some materials may shed more than others. If your rug is shedding, you should vacuum a little more until the shedding stops or slows.


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Royal Oriental Rugs is a top rug cleaning service offering a range of rug services. Call Royal Oriental Rugs, one of the rug stores Tampa residents love, to make an appointment today!

Finding Rugs Near Me to Artfully Design Your Space with Multiple Rugs

Redesigning your home is a fun and creative task to take on. While many may think it is a hard task to achieve, it actually is not so difficult. The professionals at Royal Oriental Rugs are here to explain how you can use multiple rugs to change the interior of your home. We specialize in oriental rugs Tampa residents can count on. We offer the best rugs near me. Check us out near St. Petersburg.


Use More Than One Rug

An open floor plan can have great appeal, fewer walls generally create a better flow and allow for natural light to shine throughout. But since the eye is taking in a lot of space at once, you have to be a little more careful about your furnishings, especially rugs. Next to wall color, floorings are the most dominant visual in a space simply because of the size. When you have more than one seating area in a space—dining area, living area, etc.—you’re going to need multiple rugs to get the job done.


Create visual interest by mixing rugs with different textures. You can go all matchy-matchy with your multiples, or you can find complementary styles instead to complement the interior of your home. You could vary the patterns of multiple rugs in a room as well. But for safe measure, when in doubt, stick to rugs in the same color family. Having a common color cross between multiple rugs will help unify the space.

Double up with totally different styles if you want to make a statement. Or, you can rock the same rug twice if you must.


We Offer The Best Rugs Near Me

Florida’s Largest Collection of Luxury Antique Rugs, Vintage Rugs, Reproduction Rugs, and Tapestries. Royal Oriental Rugs is Florida’s finest purveyor of Antique Rugs. As you choose from some of the finest Persian, European and Oriental Carpets and Tapestries in Florida, feel confident that we provide the highest standard of quality and commitment to excellence. Giving each and every client a sense of trust and assurance is a philosophy that has become a Royal Oriental Rug trademark.


We Also Clean Rugs

If you need professional oriental rug cleaning, you can’t afford to choose an inexperienced company or one that doesn’t have an eye for detail. This is why you need to choose us! We perform all types of rug repairs including deodorizing, scotchguarding, moth-proofing, color run removal, pet stain removal, and much more. We also do all types of detailing such as rug blocking, overcast fringe repair, binding, reweaving, patching, and touch-up dying. Once we have treated a rug, they are stored safely in our temperature-controlled rooms until you’re available to pick them up or have them delivered.


Buy Oriental Rugs Tampa Residents Love

When it comes to decorating your home with multiple rugs, Royal Oriental Rugs has all the information you need. Our oriental rugs location is located in Orlando. Call or contact us today for more information. Please contact us with your special request at 813-605-0504 or contact [email protected] to receive more information about our extensive collection. We also offer the best Oriental rugs Tampa residents love. We offer the best rugs near me and are also located near St. Petersburg.

The History Behind The Persian Rug

Have you ever visited a home and noticed a beautiful and vivacious carpet that is a culmination of artistic magnificence and vibrant colors. It looks as though it’s a thousand years old, but its beauty seems timeless. Chances are you are witnessing a Persian rug. These historical rugs have some history that is even more interesting than they look. At Royal Oriental Rugs we sell these carpets in various designs and styles. We take pride in oriental rug cleaning Orlando.


Let’s Take It A Few Millennials Back

The history of Persian Carpet dates back to 2,500 years ago. The Iranians were among the pioneer carpet weavers of the ancient civilizations, having achieved an excellent degree of perfection through centuries of creativity and ingenuity. The skill of carpet weaving has been handed down by fathers to their sons, who built upon those skills and in turn handed them down to their offspring as a closely guarded family secret. To trace the history of Persian carpet is to follow a path of cultural growth of one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen.


From being simple articles of need, floor, and entrance coverings to protect the nomadic tribesmen from the cold and damp, the increasing beauty of the carpets found them new owners: kings and noblemen, who looked upon them as signs of wealth, prestige and distinction.


Russian archaeologists in 1949 discovered the oldest known “knotted” carpet in the Pazyryk valley, about 5000 feet up on the Altai Mountains in Siberia. This dated back to the fifth century BCE The Pazyryk carpet is of rare beauty and woven with great technical skill. It was found preserved in the frozen tombs of Scythian chiefs, which were 2400 to 2500 years old, it is now kept in the Hermitage Museum of Leningrad. Another rug found in the same area dates back to the first century BCE. Our experts are well educated when it comes to history. You can trust oriental rug cleaning Orlando professionals.


A Persian Rug is an Art Form

If you run your hand through a thick rug is luxurious. But how is something this plush created? It’s woven. Some world regions are famous for woven textiles, and people in Persia made special rugs.


Weaving or interlacing threads to create a textile was probably introduced into Persia around 529 B.C.E. during the reign of Cyrus the Great. The skill was necessary for migrating peoples who wove coverings for tent floors. When people settled in villages, each place became known for specific rug patterns and designs. Today, many Persian carpet styles reflect this history. Diverse patterns developed among tribes and villages, and many remain in use today.


Are you familiar with weaving terms? A loom is a piece of equipment on which a rug is woven, a wooden frame that holds a series of threads known as warp threads tight in a vertical position. The weaver interlaces the warp threads horizontally with weft threads. This process creates a basic woven fabric. For Persian rugs, the added element is knots, tied by hand to the warp threads in between rows of weft threads. It’s a time-consuming process and some rugs take up to two years to complete.


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When it comes to knowing the history of a Persian rug, Royal Oriental Rugs has all the information you need. Our oriental rugs location is located in Orlando. Call or contact us today for more information. We also offer the best Oriental rug cleaning Orlando.