How To Search For “Oriental Rugs Near Me” The Right Way!

If you’re looking for new rugs to spruce up your home, the choice is clear: search for Oriental rugs near me. No matter what room you want to revamp, a great rug can help add sophistication and beauty to your home. If you’re near the St. Pete area, look for Royal Oriental Rugs to help […]

Visit Royal Oriental Rug Gallery For The Best Rug Services!

Are you looking for a new rug for your home to tie your living space together? Well, you have come to the right place! Royal Oriental Rugs takes pride in our oriental rug gallery and services because we have the most authentic rugs in Saint Petersburg. We offer various types of rugs that suit all […]

Different Rug Types Require Different Cleanings

Oriental rugs contain elegance, luxury and beauty into any home, regardless of your flooring or wall colors. Different rug types can add a splash of refinery to older flooring, or simply bring out the best decorations in a newly furnished home. No matter what, you want to maintain your rug so it can last for […]

How Often Should I Have My Oriental Rugs Cleaned?

Everyone who owns a beautiful oriental rug surely has a story behind it. Whether you discovered it while traveling, had it was passed down through your family, or you purchased it near St. Petersburg you will want your rug looking clean and lasting for generations. To keep your rug from losing its natural luster, you […]