How To Search For “Oriental Rugs Near Me” The Right Way!

If you’re looking for new rugs to spruce up your home, the choice is clear: search for Oriental rugs near me. No matter what room you want to revamp, a great rug can help add sophistication and beauty to your home. If you’re near the St. Pete area, look for Royal Oriental Rugs to help you select the best rug for your home. 


Where To Begin

You may think running out to a carpet store and selecting some rugs will be quick and easy, but you might want to think again. There are so many colors, designs and dimensions to determine before you start shopping. First, select the rooms you want to upgrade, and take a quick sketch of the room and where the furniture is, along with dimensions of the space you want the rug to cover. 


If one of the rooms is the dining room, ensure you have a large enough dimension for the rug so no chairs go on and off of it while people seat themselves. Even taking a couple of photos of the rooms involved can help you select the colors and patterns of your choice. 


Spend some time thinking about the colors you want for each rug you’re going to get. The pictures of your rooms will help, especially if the store has very subtle differences in colors. An Oriental rug can very well outlast most other furniture in your home, so making the right choice the first time will help compliment your home for years to come. 


Oriental Rugs Near Me

Once you’re ready to do some serious browsing, it’s important to keep a few rug components in mind. Iranian or Persian rugs used to be the benchmark when it came to Oriental rugs, but in recent years, rugs coming from India, China, Tibet, Pakistan, Turkey and Napal are just as good if not better than their competitors. A lot used to be said for the thread count of a rug as well, but put more of your focus on the actual wool being used to determine its quality. 


Checking the tightness and regularity of the weave and the fastness and quality of the dyes used can help you decide which rug to go with. A rug’s value will change over time as well, and can almost be an investment if the design and color you choose lasts through the generations. The rugs of the 1960s flew off the shelves when they first came out, but today, those oranges, yellows and browns aren’t typically found in modern design. 


The Elegant Rug 

No matter the room or the decor, adding a splash of color and refinery that only comes from an Oriental rug will surely add inspiration to your home. Investing in a high-quality and beautiful rug will help bring your home’s vibe together. Knowing what color, design, and size to search for will aid in finding the rug you’ve always wanted. Inspecting the selections for quality wool and grade A weaving work, along with its overall value down the road will get you the outstanding rug you deserve. 


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Now that you know how to shop for the best rugs, it’s time to search for Oriental rugs near me. If you happen to be in the St. Pete area, though, don’t bother opening up  a search. Royal Oriental Rugs is your one-stop shop for the very best in rugs. We also offer cleaning, spot removal and repairing services, taking care of all your rug upkeep and sale services in one place! Call or stop by today!  

Visit Royal Oriental Rug Gallery For The Best Rug Services!

Are you looking for a new rug for your home to tie your living space together? Well, you have come to the right place! Royal Oriental Rugs takes pride in our oriental rug gallery and services because we have the most authentic rugs in Saint Petersburg. We offer various types of rugs that suit all personal styles for homeowners, so you can rest assured that we have the perfect rug for you. There is no need to search for rug repair near me either because we also repair and clean our rugs all by hand. We believe that taking the time to handcraft and clean our beautiful rugs is why they last a lifetime and why people keep coming back for more. We are proud to say that we have incredibly high-quality rugs, and we can clean them or repair them no matter how dirty or damaged they might appear. We can even offer around twenty percent off for our repair and cleaning services so you can receive your rug as good as new for a great price.


Our Oriental Rug Gallery And Services 

You probably want to know more about our services and our gallery so you can get a better sense of what we do and how high and our rugs are. Stop searching for rug repair near me because we have the services you need. In terms of our services, we offer rug cleaning at a professional level, and we do it all by hand. We can remove anything from stains to odor from pets, and your rug will be fresh and brand new again. We also offer high-end repairs for your rugs. Even though our rugs are of fantastic quality, they can damage for many random reasons. Luckily, we can sew, stitch, and repair all other parts of your rug, so it will be perfect for laying down in your home again. Our team also offers rug maintenance as well as padding, so your rug will always be damage-free and will be padded for all kinds of surfaces. In terms of our gallery, we have a fantastic showroom with more rugs than you can imagine! We have all sorts of contemporary, Persian, oriental rugs, vintage, and more. Some of our rugs are sold for sixty percent off so that you can purchase one on a budget. 


We Can Come To Your Home 

Many homeowners are excited to purchase a high-quality rug, but they might not know where to put it or what rug to buy. Fortunately, our designer is available to come to your home for a consultation so you can have a pair of professional eyes look at your home and figure out what would be best suited for it. Plus, once you decide which rug or rugs you would like, we can provide free deliveries and pickups.


We Have It All 

Do not search for a rug repair near me because we truly have it all in rugs and rug services. We have loyal customers who swear by our rugs because they last for years on end, especially with our maintenance and repairs. No matter if you like traditional or vintage styles, you will find the perfect rug for your home.


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Royal Oriental Rugs are professionals who love to promote our oriental rug gallery and rug services in general. We know that anyone can find their dream rug from us, so make sure you call or visit us today in Saint Petersburg for more information.

Different Rug Types Require Different Cleanings

Oriental rugs contain elegance, luxury and beauty into any home, regardless of your flooring or wall colors. Different rug types can add a splash of refinery to older flooring, or simply bring out the best decorations in a newly furnished home. No matter what, you want to maintain your rug so it can last for years and years to come. Here in Saint Petersburg, Royal Oriental Rugs is the number one destination for a wide selection of antique, vintage, modern, Persian, oriental and contemporary style rugs. We also offer hand cleaning and repairing of your own rug, along with pet odor and stain removal. 


Maintaining Your Rugs

You may not realize but different rugs and fibers require different cleanings to keep them looking fresh and free from frays. It’s recommended to have your rugs professionally cleaned once a year, but what about all the time (and stains) in between? One simple thing like asking visitors to remove their shoes when they enter can help decrease the amount of dirty foot traffic on your rugs. Placing a welcome mat at your door’s entrance, even if people keep their shoes on, will help cut back on excess dirt before anyone walks into your home. 


Frequent vacuuming can help aid in keeping dirt down, but it’s recommended to not use the beater bar and just using suction, as the beater bar can actually damage some rugs, such as Berber, and cause excessive fuzzing. Having a few cleaning supplies and paper towels readily available in case of any sudden accidents can help blot up the liquid or solid before it sets too much into your rug.  


Rug Types & Cleaning Tips

From loop pile rugs to Oriental rugs, each rug benefits from a different cleaning upon receiving spills or dirt. Most carpet cleaners may be too toxic or chemical based and may cause more damage over time to your rug than you realize. Having a few low-ingredient cleaners handy can help keep your rug fresh accident after accident. There are four handy cleaning agents that can tackle a lot of messes on various rugs without losing the luster of your rugs. They are:

  • Vinegar solution – 1/3 cup vinegar to 2/3 cup of water
  • Detergent solution – One teaspoon of dishwashing liquid or detergent powder (but ensure it does not contain bleach or strong alkalines) with one cup of warm water
  • Ammonia solution – One tablespoon clear household ammonia (3% solution) with 1/2 water 
  • Solvent – A dry-cleaning product available at grocery, hardware and drug stores (with chemically 1.1.1 Trichloroethane preferred)


Depending on the specific stain and rug, there are multiple ways of deep cleaning it to fully maintain your rug and keeping it fresh and bright. Getting bleach, wine, lipstick, soft drinks or cooking oil on your rug will all require different cleaning techniques to get the spot fully up and your rug as clean as possible. 


Some steps involve using cold or hot water, rust remover, clear nail polish (or something similar containing acetone), absorbent powder or cleaner, and potentially one of the four cleaning solutions mentioned above. For your individual, specific rug and stain, it’s best to double check what you should use directly on that stain to ensure proper cleaning and to leave your rug with as little wear and tear as possible. 


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Ready for your Oriental rugs to get their yearly cleaning? Having a few stains on different rug types and want to get professional assistance with cleaning them? Royal Oriental Rugs is here to help! Call or stop by our Saint Petersburg location today! 

How Often Should I Have My Oriental Rugs Cleaned?

Everyone who owns a beautiful oriental rug surely has a story behind it. Whether you discovered it while traveling, had it was passed down through your family, or you purchased it near St. Petersburg you will want your rug looking clean and lasting for generations. To keep your rug from losing its natural luster, you will eventually need oriental rug cleaning near me. Royal Oriental Rugs offer a wide variety of services for your oriental rugs St Petersburg FL, including rug cleaning, to keep your statement piece looking gorgeous for years to come.


Should I Clean for My Oriental Rug At Home?


There are many ways you need to clean your rug at home.


  • Avoid the fibers of your rug from being packed down by regularly vacuuming your rug every week.
  • Oriental rugs St Petersburg FL come into contact with moisture and humidity due to the weather in Florida. To prevent mildew, air out your rug every six months.
  • Frequently rotate your rug every few months to more evenly distribute wear.
  • Immediately spot clean if a spill occurs to prevent a stain. However, you should not use anything that may damage the fibers like bleach, soap, or common household cleaners.


However, there is only so much one can do at home without the help of a professional.


Do I Need Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me?


If you want to extend the life of your rug, professional cleaning is a necessity. Home care may remove surface soil, but rugs may be holding up to a pound of dirt per square foot, and you may not even be visually aware. Since oriental rugs are made of opaque fabric, the light doesn’t pass through making deep down dirt almost impossible to see until it’s impacting the quality of your rug. Expert cleaning offers a much more thorough and deeper clean than any at home methods which solely focus on the aesthetics of the rug. Even with consistent personal care, you will eventually need professional care of your oriental rugs St Petersburg FL.


You should aim to have a rug located in a highly trafficked area of your home or business professionally cleaned every one to three years. If your rug tends to see less wear from a smaller amount of foot traffic, than every five to seven years may be a sufficient amount of time. If you commit to professionally cleaning your rug will continue to impress for many years.

When you take your rug to have it professionally cleaned only skilled and trained employees will handle your rug. They use old-fashioned methods that will remove deep down soil and restore natural shine and softness. Professional cleaning will prevent damage that can occur from compacted dirt and grime eroding the foundation of the rug. Royal Oriental Rugs takes pride in treating your rugs like royalty.


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If you are near St. Petersburg and in need of oriental rug cleaning near me, the professionals at Royal Oriental Rugs are here to help. Call us today to set your appointment.