How Often Should I Have My Oriental Rugs Cleaned?

Everyone who owns a beautiful oriental rug surely has a story behind it. Whether you discovered it while traveling, had it was passed down through your family, or you purchased it near St. Petersburg you will want your rug looking clean and lasting for generations. To keep your rug from losing its natural luster, you will eventually need oriental rug cleaning near me. Royal Oriental Rugs offer a wide variety of services for your oriental rugs St Petersburg FL, including rug cleaning, to keep your statement piece looking gorgeous for years to come.


Should I Clean for My Oriental Rug At Home?


There are many ways you need to clean your rug at home.


  • Avoid the fibers of your rug from being packed down by regularly vacuuming your rug every week.
  • Oriental rugs St Petersburg FL come into contact with moisture and humidity due to the weather in Florida. To prevent mildew, air out your rug every six months.
  • Frequently rotate your rug every few months to more evenly distribute wear.
  • Immediately spot clean if a spill occurs to prevent a stain. However, you should not use anything that may damage the fibers like bleach, soap, or common household cleaners.


However, there is only so much one can do at home without the help of a professional.


Do I Need Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me?


If you want to extend the life of your rug, professional cleaning is a necessity. Home care may remove surface soil, but rugs may be holding up to a pound of dirt per square foot, and you may not even be visually aware. Since oriental rugs are made of opaque fabric, the light doesn’t pass through making deep down dirt almost impossible to see until it’s impacting the quality of your rug. Expert cleaning offers a much more thorough and deeper clean than any at home methods which solely focus on the aesthetics of the rug. Even with consistent personal care, you will eventually need professional care of your oriental rugs St Petersburg FL.


You should aim to have a rug located in a highly trafficked area of your home or business professionally cleaned every one to three years. If your rug tends to see less wear from a smaller amount of foot traffic, than every five to seven years may be a sufficient amount of time. If you commit to professionally cleaning your rug will continue to impress for many years.

When you take your rug to have it professionally cleaned only skilled and trained employees will handle your rug. They use old-fashioned methods that will remove deep down soil and restore natural shine and softness. Professional cleaning will prevent damage that can occur from compacted dirt and grime eroding the foundation of the rug. Royal Oriental Rugs takes pride in treating your rugs like royalty.


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