Burn of the hand-woven rug or carpet

How to get rid of carpet burns? Especially hand-woven carpets, which have a higher price and we do not want the slightest damage to them, we all know very well that hand-woven carpets are made using completely natural materials, and for this reason, in most cases, they have a much higher resistance to all types of burns. This point is always recommended to the owners of handmade carpets, in case of any burns on their carpets, without wasting time, leave it to a reliable carpet cleaner and do not do anything to remove it yourself.

If your handwoven carpet has a superficial and slight burn and you don’t want to send it to a carpet cleaner (we don’t recommend it at all), follow the steps below:

Remove the burnt surface using a sandpaper as slowly and gently as possible. Do not press the sandpaper on the burned part. Then vacuum the affected area.

Cut some onions in half and place them on the burn area. Remove the onions after half an hour and clean the burn area with a soft cloth.

Put some ice on the burn and let the temperature of the villi drop as much as possible.

After a few minutes, remove the ice pack and brush the affected area with a soft-bristled brush.

Sweep the carpet surface again and repeat the above steps more gently if needed.

Cleaning the burn on the rug or carpet

The main characteristic of carpets is that they are made of short weaves with warp and weft, and the main material of its fibers is the wool of animals such as sheep. That’s why even many experts are very careful to remove the deep burn of the carpet. We suggest that if your rug is damaged due to a burn, you should look for experts who have a history of repairing and removing burns of this style of carpets.

As we have explained, the carpet should be taken care of more carefully because of its texture; In this regard, you should keep several things in mind when washing this style of carpets.

Repairing the deep burn of the rug or carpet

Gabe is one of the traditional Iranian carpets that has relatively long piles. The material of Gabbe fibers is usually very delicate and its knots are made with the utmost precision. Therefore, always try not to smoke or use an iron on the carpet, so as not to have unwanted problems. But if, for any reason, Gebbe gets burned, first check the scale and volume of the burn; If the burn is superficial and only part of its hairs have turned yellow, put some onion on its surface and then clean it well. If the problem does not go away, put some ice on the bristles and brush after a few minutes to remove the superficial burns.

But if the extent of your buttock burn is deep, you have no choice but to entrust it to experts. Specialists in this matter should replace some of them with similar fibers after careful examination of the fibers. If you try to cut some of the fibers from other parts of the carpet for this purpose, you will surely damage the beauty and uniformity of your carpet.

Tutorials on how to repair burnt carpet at home are often done using simple materials and tools. Obviously, carpet cleaners have much more advanced tools and equipment and will go to solve your problem with a more open hand. When you go to a carpet cleaner to repair a carpet burn, at first, all the tissue around the burn is checked by experts to ensure its health. Then the carpet cleaning experts check the extent of the burn to determine whether the carpet can be returned to its original state without the intervention of artificial fibers!

In carpet cleaning, the carpets are first steamed well so that the piles of the carpet become soft and manipulatable. Then, the right fibers will be selected with the piles of the carpet and the carpet burn will be removed in the best possible way. It is worth noting that carpet cleaning experts usually have a long experience in repairing all kinds of carpets, and this issue is considered a determining factor in the final quality of the repair.