What to do with our old rugs?

Handwoven rugs are one of the masterpieces of hand art. Most people acquire their handwoven rugs in one of these two ways.

They buy it themselves

Or they inherit it.

If you have bought a new rug, chances are that it will remain in the same good quality for years, even to the point where you want to pass it on to your next generation.

If you have inherited one of these rugs from a family member or someone else, you must be very lucky. Old handwoven rugs are like rare, valuable and wonderful treasures.

The thing about old rugs is that they sometimes look worn and damaged, especially if they haven’t been cared for the way they should be.

Another thing is that you may not like the look of the rugs you have inherited.

 What are you going to do with a rug you don’t want?

There are several methods.


The first step before selling your rug is to take it to an antique rug dealer and get it priced.

He asks you if you know the original purchase price, do you know the exact age of the rug and have you heard the legend or stories behind this rug?

And they definitely flip the rug carefully to estimate it correctly.

Fix any damage or damage to your rug

Finally, all rugs have stained and worn spots. This is especially true if it has been used in high-traffic areas, has been in contact with water, or has been under heavy furniture for a long time.

A skilled craftsman can repair most rug damage without any noticeable marks, you just need to be very careful where the repair is done.

Yes, it can be expensive to repair damage, but if you want to sell your rug for the best price later, it is necessary to do these repairs.

Have the rug professionally cleaned

All rugs, including machine-made rugs, should be cleaned at least once a year, regardless of age, and should be professionally cleaned.

You should look for someone who specializes in cleaning oriental rugs and natural fibers because these require special care.

Re-target your rug

If you have done all these steps and you hear the unfortunate news that your rug may have suffered a lot of damage, you may want to use your rug in a different way.

One way to do this is to cut the best and healthiest part of the rug and use it as a wall hanging.

Another method is to convert the good and healthy parts of the rug and turn them into pillow covers.

You can also use smaller pieces of rug to make a forty-piece rug.

So don’t throw away anything old and worn out, but turn it into a family treasure.

We also offer rug installment purchase to customers.