Rug’s design

Today, carpets have a lot of variety in design. Before buying a rug, you need to decide what kind of decoration you want for your home. The choice of carpet for the home is made according to the style of decoration. If you are interested in modern and contemporary spaces, you should choose modern carpets. […]

Principles of choosing the right rug for home decoration

One of the most important elements of decoration in any home is the carpet. Rugs, especially handmade rugs, are a work of art and have different patterns and types, each of which creates a special style and atmosphere in the house. This variety often confuses buyers and ultimately selects the wrong carpets. Most people go […]

The color of the Oriental Rugs

One hundred and fifty years ago, the famous American poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe wrote: “The soul is a carpet house.” He means that the carpet is the basis of home design and everything is affected by it. When you choose a rug for a room, you determine the overall layout of the room, […]

The effect of Oriental Rug on the beauty of home decoration

Suppose you decide to decorate your home in a modern style. Do all your carpets have to have modern designs? Or are they all Gabbeh? The answer to this question is no. When choosing a carpet design, you should pay attention to another point; which part of the house are you buying the carpet for? […]

Tampa Bay Area Rug Fringe Repair Process

Rug fringe repairs are an excellent way to extend the life of your rug. Depending on your needs and desires, you may reattach the fringe, replace the fringe, or remove it altogether. This guide will detail how to repair the fringe on a standard rug and the best oriental rug fringe repair tips. But for […]

Things you need to know about red carpet stains

We usually install carpets in high-traffic areas of the house. As a result, these are prone to dirt and stains and the stubbornest being the red carpet stains. So, you need to know how to clean them without damaging them. But if you would require some assistance, check out Royal Oriental Rugs.   What are […]

Selecting the best Rug clean service for all your rug cleaning needs

Buying a good rug is expensive, and stains on your rugs can become a real eyesore. Not everyone knows how to clean carpets and rugs, and most rug cleaning services make some prevalent mistakes that can be detrimental to your Rug’s lifespan. Rug cleaning is an art, and we, Royal Oriental Rugs, have mastered it. […]

The Important Factors That You Should Know to Take Care of Your Area Rug

Your area rug is the highlight of the room that it is in. It accentuates the beauty of the room, and therefore area rug care is an essential part of enhancing the look of the place. At Royal Oriental Rugs, we have dealt with many rugs and have been in the rug repair industry for […]

Signs Of Mold In Carpeting

It is essential to keep your rugs clean no matter how clean you think that they are already

Removing Beet Stains From Your Carpet Or Rug

Beet stains are one of the most challenging rug or carpet stains to remove