Selecting the best Rug clean service for all your rug cleaning needs

Buying a good rug is expensive, and stains on your rugs can become a real eyesore. Not everyone knows how to clean carpets and rugs, and most rug cleaning services make some prevalent mistakes that can be detrimental to your Rug’s lifespan. Rug cleaning is an art, and we, Royal Oriental Rugs, have mastered it. With our durable hand cleaning techniques, we can restore your Rug to its stain and odor-free state. Avail of our free pick and delivery services and book a time for us to pick your Rug!


Know the History Of your Rug

Rugs are made of various materials, and you cannot clean all rugs in the same way. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the nature of the material you are dealing with and proceed accordingly. Since we are the masters of oriental rugs, we have a deep knowledge of different rug materials, regardless of how far back they go.  

Before cleaning your Rug, we analyze the material and ask ourselves if it is Indo-Persian, Sino-Persian, Kazak, Kashan, Tabrez, and so on. Knowing the history of your Rug can help you uncover its actual price, and you can unlock the secrets of how to take optimum care of your Rug. 


Selecting an Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

Since rugs are an essential part of your home’s interior, selecting a rug cleaning service is an important task. You need to know if the rug cleaning service you are opting for has been in the business for a long time or not and if they have worked on diverse rug cleaning projects. 

A good rug cleaning company will treat every carpet that comes under their care individually. They will first identify its material, the detailing of the craftsmanship on it, and the mixture of wool, cotton, silk, or any other material that your Rug comprises. Hand-woven rugs can be delicate and should be dealt with accordingly. Choosing a rug cleaning company that does not do the job adequately and ruins the material of your Rug can compromise the color, dyes, and strength of fibers. Mistreating oriental rugs can cause them to bleed and will not do an excellent job of removing the stains and odor. 


Why Choose Us?

While there are many rug cleaning options at your disposal, we are one of the most tempting options for most customers, owing to our expertise and the attractive discounts we offer, alongside other services. If you want to get your oriental or any other rugs cleaned, you will have to go through the hassle of dropping your Rug at the workshop and picking it up or paying for the pick-up and delivery services. At Royal Oriental Rugs, we offer free pick-up and delivery services alongside mind-boggling discounts of 60% on rug inventory and 20% on rug services such as cleaning and repair! 

Machine cleaning can damage your Rug, and thus we use hand cleaning and hand repair techniques to treat your rugs with the utmost care. We also offer in-house design services if you are looking for consultation regarding what rugs to purchase. Whether authentic, vintage, Persian, oriental, traditional, contemporary or even modern, our rug cleaning services extend to all types!


Contact Us

At Royal Oriental Rugs, we have Florida’s most extensive collection of luxury and antique rugs, so it is safe to say we understand rugs better than anyone else in Florida. Contact us today if you are looking for a rug cleaning service that can help you get rid of the stains and funky odor from your rugs!