Oriental Rug for Sale – Understanding Luxury Rugs

If you have been shopping around recently, you will notice that oriental rugs are exactly the cheapest. These luxurious additions to your home are an investment worth taking advantage of. Royal Oriental Rugs has news you will be excited to hear! We have an oriental rug for sale that may be in your price range. We offer oriental rugs St Petersburg FL residents will love! We are also located in Orlando.  


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The antique Oriental rug market can be daunting at first. The quest to “know” rugs is a journey of gaining exposure, knowledge and discovering your personal taste. Luckily, we are here to help! To guide our clients, many of whom are art and antique collectors, we provide our expertise to help them to determine which pieces possess an elevated level of beauty, originality and the level of quality appropriate for the sophisticated home as well as being precious tangible assets.


The value of artistry in determining the overall level of a carpet cannot be overstated. For eons, weavers strove through knotting carpets by hand to express a universal unity they believed exists throughout nature and the cosmos. With its complex interplay between vivid colors and designs, a single rug often was years in the making.


We Have Oriental Rug For Sale

Florida’s Largest Collection of Luxury Antique Rugs, Vintage Rugs, Reproduction Rugs, and Tapestries. Royal Oriental Rugs is Florida’s finest purveyor of Antique Rugs. As you choose from some of the finest Persian, European and Oriental Carpets and Tapestries in Florida, feel confident that we provide the highest standard of quality and commitment to excellence. Giving each and every client a sense of trust and assurance is a philosophy that has become a Royal Oriental Rug trademark.


Have you ever heard of the oriental rug market pyramid? This six-tier pyramid is the result of my three and a half decades of experience as the owner of an internationally recognized rug gallery. It is a concise guide for those who wish to identify the greatly varying levels of quality and artistry to separate the wheat from the chaff of Oriental carpets essentially. The levels are as follows:

  • Level 1: Museum quality
    • 13th to 18th centuries and early 19th century
  • Level 2: High-Collectable
    • Primarily early 19th century to 1875
  • Level 3: Connoisseur-Caliber
    • Primarily circa 1850 to late 19th century
  • Level 4: High-Decorative
    • Primarily circa 1975 to 1910
  • Level 5: Decorative
    • Primarily circa 1910-1970
  • Level 6: Reproductions
    • Typically 1970 to present


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When it comes to decorating your home with luxurious rugs, Royal Oriental Rugs has all the information you need. Our oriental rugs location is located in Orlando. Call or contact us today and check out our oriental rug for sale. Please contact us with your special request at 813-605-0504 or contact [email protected] to receive more information about our extensive collection. We also offer the best Oriental rugs Tampa residents love. We offer the best rugs near me and are also oriental rugs St Petersburg FL residents love.