Finding Rugs Near Me to Artfully Design Your Space with Multiple Rugs

Redesigning your home is a fun and creative task to take on. While many may think it is a hard task to achieve, it actually is not so difficult. The professionals at Royal Oriental Rugs are here to explain how you can use multiple rugs to change the interior of your home. We specialize in oriental rugs Tampa residents can count on. We offer the best rugs near me. Check us out near St. Petersburg.


Use More Than One Rug

An open floor plan can have great appeal, fewer walls generally create a better flow and allow for natural light to shine throughout. But since the eye is taking in a lot of space at once, you have to be a little more careful about your furnishings, especially rugs. Next to wall color, floorings are the most dominant visual in a space simply because of the size. When you have more than one seating area in a space—dining area, living area, etc.—you’re going to need multiple rugs to get the job done.


Create visual interest by mixing rugs with different textures. You can go all matchy-matchy with your multiples, or you can find complementary styles instead to complement the interior of your home. You could vary the patterns of multiple rugs in a room as well. But for safe measure, when in doubt, stick to rugs in the same color family. Having a common color cross between multiple rugs will help unify the space.

Double up with totally different styles if you want to make a statement. Or, you can rock the same rug twice if you must.


We Offer The Best Rugs Near Me

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We Also Clean Rugs

If you need professional oriental rug cleaning, you can’t afford to choose an inexperienced company or one that doesn’t have an eye for detail. This is why you need to choose us! We perform all types of rug repairs including deodorizing, scotchguarding, moth-proofing, color run removal, pet stain removal, and much more. We also do all types of detailing such as rug blocking, overcast fringe repair, binding, reweaving, patching, and touch-up dying. Once we have treated a rug, they are stored safely in our temperature-controlled rooms until you’re available to pick them up or have them delivered.


Buy Oriental Rugs Tampa Residents Love

When it comes to decorating your home with multiple rugs, Royal Oriental Rugs has all the information you need. Our oriental rugs location is located in Orlando. Call or contact us today for more information. Please contact us with your special request at 813-605-0504 or contact [email protected] to receive more information about our extensive collection. We also offer the best Oriental rugs Tampa residents love. We offer the best rugs near me and are also located near St. Petersburg.