Beautiful Rug Collections For Your Home

A beautiful home deserves a periodic update. Adding an intricate rug to a bare floor is the best way to incorporate color, texture, and warmth to your home space. Royal Oriental Rugs, a Tampa company, offers a wide variety of rug designs and services to help you give your home the finishing touch it deserves.

Find A Rug To Fit The Style Of Your Home Space

A common misconception is that all the rug stores Tampa has to offer sell only Oriental-style rugs. If that traditional style does not match your home’s aesthetic, don’t worry – there are all kinds of style options available to you instead. Our store includes rugs of Persian design, modern aesthetic, and contemporary stylings. We offer authentic, tribal rugs as well as our popular, vintage Oriental rugs. Many of these rugs are made by hand or are rare. You won’t find this scope of rug design in any of the other rug stores in Tampa.

A Beautiful Rug Belongs In Every Room

Once you’ve experienced the satisfaction in a well-curated rug selection, you’ll want to pepper each room in your house with the comfort and command of a luxury rug. No matter the mood of your home, we have a rug that will elevate that mood without altering it. All rug inventory is currently on sale for up to 60% off – better than a two-for-one deal. If you need assistance taking advantage of this stellar sale but are unsure which rugs would work best for your home, our professional design consultants can point you to the perfect pieces.  

Utilize Our Helpful Rug Services

Choosing a rug for your home is an investment in your interior space. Rugs require care and maintenance in order to last their expected lifetime. We offer 20% off rug cleaning and repair, from pet odor and stain removal to hand cleaning and hand repair. Our team of professionals uses time-honored techniques to ensure the entire rug, from fringe to backing, is freed of dirt, debris, stains, and odor. Whether you’re purchasing a rug or sending it back for repair or maintenance, you will never have to pay a delivery or pickup fee. We also provide services to help you get your rugs appraised. We recommend appraisals every three years in case you decide to sell your rug and need to know what it is worth. You may be selling the rug because you want to try a new style or because you have downsized and cannot accommodate the area rug any longer. Either way, securing an updated appraisal is your first step in reselling the rug – and finding a new one to replace it!

Contact Us

If you’re looking for warehouse pricing but the expertise of an interior designer, look no further than Royal Oriental Rugs. All the rug stores Tampa has to offer cannot compete with our sales, our staff, and our selection of gorgeous, eye-popping rugs. Contact us today to get started on updating your home space with the color it craves.