Rug fringe repairs are an excellent way to extend the life of your rug. Depending on your needs and desires, you may reattach the fringe, replace the fringe, or remove it altogether. This guide will detail how to repair the fringe on a standard rug and the best oriental rug fringe repair tips. But for further assistance, you can always get in touch with Royal Oriental Rugs.


Oriental Rug Fringe Repair Process

The proper rug fringe repairs help fix fraying rugs. The fringe can be repaired with various methods, depending on the type of rug. 

We recommend a hand stitch repair for hand-knotted rugs and power fringing for machine-made oriental area rugs. 

The repair process is broken down into several steps: First, identify the damage. It is done by inspecting the rug’s fringe area for loose threads, tangled piles, or obvious pulls in the rug. Second, sew a blanket stitch along the damaged area using a waxed thread to strengthen the rug’s edges to prevent unraveling. Third, pin the replacement fringe on top of the old fringe and fold the overlapping ends onto the new fringe to form a secure border on each end, and pin them. Use a waxed thread to hand-sew the replacement fringe to the base of your rug. Finally, use the double stitch to replace the fringe to the bottom of the rug. It helps stop the fringes from fraying at the ends.


Methods of fringe repair 

  • Hand stitching

This repair service will give you a beautiful pre-woven once again and stops further unraveling. The process involves weaving a pre-woven fringe to the rug’s end while leaving the existing fringe in place.

  • Re-inserting fringe services

This is a hand repair service since it requires an intricate weaving of the warps back into the rug structure. It is costly and restores the whole value appearance of a damaged rug.  

  • Hand overcast

This repair service stops the rug from unraveling. It is ideal for hand-woven rugs and is done by weaving a simple lock stitch that goes through the weft threads. It is also good when you have a damaged fringe. It means knots are damaged.

  • Machine-stitching

The method uses a particular type of machine to add a new fringe to your damaged rug. It is less expensive than hand-woven stitching and produces a new-like appearance for both hand-woven and synthetic rugs.

  • Machine binding

Machine binding helps trim, bind, and bevel rugs made from natural fibers. The repair is done in a variety of widths using cotton fabric.


Common Oriental rug fringe repairs

  • Repairing the ends

The fringe is designed as the foundation of the rug and maintains its integrity. The ends are the two sides running along the width of the rug.

  • Repairing the sides

These are the two sides running along the length of the rig and do not have fringes. When weaving the oriental rugs, the weaver weaves from side to side. At the end of the weaving, the weaver ties the endpoint of the carpet. The endpoint helps maintain the shape of the rug, preventing the knots from unraveling. With time these ends become loose and start to open. The sides are repaired carefully by warping the damaged side with wool to prevent the rug from opening. The result is a clean and original look.


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