Removing Beet Stains From Your Carpet Or Rug

Beet stains are one of the most challenging rug or carpet stains to remove. It is a rough stain consisting of natural organic pigments that don’t leave quickly. The fact is that for many years, people used beets as a textile dye for this exact reason, the natural organic pigments it contains. However, removing beet stains from carpets and rugs is possible. We put together this guide to eliminate these stains as recommended by experts in rug stain removal at Royal Oriental Rugs. You don’t need to search online for “Tampa rug cleaning services” as we have experts in carpet and rug cleaning to offer the best services in Tampa.

Removing Beet Stains From Carpets And Rugs

The first thing to do in removing beet stains is gently dabbing the stain using a dry cloth so you can eliminate excess liquid leftover. After that, put a clean sponge in cold water, hold it on the stained spot, and then soak it up using a dry clean cloth. Do this process repeatedly. Stubborn stains often need an extra step of sponging the area and wiping with a mixture of water (2 cups) and 2 tbsp of dishwashing detergent. You can also clean beet stains by soaking a slice of bread (white bread) in cold water and leaving it on the stain. Leave for a few minutes and give it time to absorb fully into the bread. Then, carefully and gently, remove the slice of bread from the stain.

Careful Points To Note About Beet Stain Removal

Stains have more tendency to disappear quickly if dealt with as soon as they occur.

  • For fat-based colors (beet stains are not), cold water is the best option for removing these stains instead of hot water because hot water may make the stain stick.
  • Before you use any cleaning solution on your carpet or rug, do a test in one corner of your mat where it won’t be so visible so it won’t spoil your material. Rinse out all kinds of cleaning solutions before you try using another in removing a stain. Certain chemicals can damage your material or cause new stains when mixed.
  • Avoid rubbing your rug fibers harshly because it can damage the rug or make the stain more severe.
  • Ensure that the clothes or towels you use in blotting the stain are white and also clean.

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