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Although Oriental and area rugs are beautiful accents in any room of the house, keeping up with stain removal can be difficult. You may be seeking rug cleaning in Tampa to take one item off of your to-do list, but don’t know where to turn. Ditch the searches for “drop off rug cleaners near me” and trust Royal Oriental Rugs. We offer many incentives for all your rug cleaning needs, including free pick up and drop off in certain locations, and 20% off your first cleaning services. 

Rug Cleaners Near Me

Prevention of stains is always the way to go with your area rugs. If you are planning on holding a lot of parties at your home this summer, you will definitely want to stock up on paper towels, tablecloths and napkins. Depending on what spilled onto the rug, though, there are different techniques to employ to get the stain out successfully without hurting your rugs. Oriental rugs are hand-woven with sturdy fibers, but that doesn’t mean they won’t wear and tear if not taken care of properly. You may want to scrub the daylights out of the first stain or spill you encounter, especially if you don’t know how long the stain has been sitting there. Although it’s a common solution, it may not be right for your area rugs, which are strong but don’t do well with harsh chemicals often found in most stain remover products.   


Tampa Rug Cleaning Service

Different rugs require different methods of cleaning them. Everyday cleaning can help eliminate the dirt and debris that can easily settle into any rug, but there’s bound to be more deep down inside. Once a liquid lands on the rug, you can quickly clean it up with certain cleaners and solutions, but the damage has already been done, in essence. Whatever landed on the rug in the first place will have some residual effect on the fibers and texture of the rug from now on. Treating the stain and spill properly the first time can help dramatically. Most rug cleaners are fairly harsh when it comes to their ingredients, so use them sparingly or not at all when it comes to your Oriental rugs. Depending on the stain, sometimes all you need is hot or cold water and a towel or rag to help soak up the spill. Even though you want to remove the stain, using less chemicals and cleaners in the long run may help keep your Oriental and area rugs looking brighter and fresher over time. 


Drop Off Rug Cleaners In Tampa

If your rug is looking a little worn or still has stains on it, it may be time to seek professional Tampa rug cleaning services as well. All rugs will need a yearly cleaning, if not more, to maintain the rug’s fibers and natural softness. The more foot traffic your rugs see, the more likely they would need two or more cleanings a year to stay stain free and luxurious. If you already know it’s been a while since the last time the rugs were professionally cleaned, it’s time to check one item off your to-do list. You know that spills may happen and you’re going to find an area rug cleaner in Tampa to help you get the job done professionally and quickly. 


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If you need rug cleaning in Tampa, don’t just search for “rug cleaning near me”. Royal Oriental Rugs can help transform your rugs back into their brand-new look and feel in no time. We hand repair and clean to give your rugs only the best in cleaning services. We also offer pet stain and odor removal services to keep your rugs looking fabulous, no matter how many pets you may have at home. With free pickup and delivery in certain locations, why wait? Call us today!