Oriental Rug Cleaning St Petersburg FL Loves!

Owning Oriental rugs adds style and sophistication to any room of your home. But when you’re faced with rug cleaning, especially in St. Petersburg, Florida, you may think your options are limited. Royal Oriental Rugs offers a wide array of services to keep your rugs in tip top shape, including pickup and delivery to customers in St. Petersburg. 


Rug Cleaning Basics

It’s vital to keep your rugs as clean as possible on a daily basis. Any dirt and debris can easily and quickly get stuck in your rug, creating imperfections and tears in the fibers, if left for too long. Most Oriental rugs are made of heavy textiles such as wool, cotton and even silk, which can last lifetimes but only if properly maintained. Regular vacuuming and sweeping of your rugs will ensure they last longer and keep your home looking fresh and classy. It’s important to know whether your rug is colorfast or not, which will help when it comes time to clean up spills or accidents. Colorfast stands for the dyes in your rug, which will not fade or wear out when you wash them. If it’s not colorfast, you should avoid a lot of chemical cleaners when getting stains out, as it may strip some of your rug’s colors with it.  


Rug Cleaning in St. Petersburg Florida

You can maintain your rugs at home through regular cleaning and vacuuming, but all Oriental rugs will need expert, professional cleaning at least yearly. If the rugs are in higher traffic areas, they may need cleaning every six months to make sure they’re clean longer and keep their bright colors. Most professional cleaning services will start with a quick assessment of the rug, finding any hidden stains or spots that may need pre-treatment or special care. The rug will then begin a pre-treatment depending on the stains, along with removing any dirt before the actual cleaning. Although the next step is optional, it’s never a bad idea to have deodorizer applied. This is typical in more pet cleaning and stain removal processes, but if you suffer from allergies, this can also help. Most professionals use a hot water extraction method of cleaning, but can vary from business to business. Essentially, the cleaning reaches deep down into the rug and extracts all dirt, dust and contaminants. Steam helps to refresh the colors and fibers of your rugs, giving them a beautiful shine and vibrancy. 


Royal Oriental Rugs will come to you with free pickup and delivery of your rugs in St. Petersburg. We offer hand cleaning and repairing, ensuring your rugs stay fresh and mended longer. We also help with those pesky pet stains and in odor removal, leaving your rugs clean and fresh, no matter what your pets may have gotten into. 


The Choice Is Clear

When it comes to finding cleaning services for your various rugs, the choice is obvious: Royal Oriental Rugs has what you need to get your carpets and rugs cleaned the right way with professional service and support. Regularly vacuuming and removing stains to your rugs throughout the year is crucial to maintain them, but at the end of the day, you’ll need the expertise of Royal Oriental Rugs to give back their shine and softness.


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