Find Where Oriental Runner Rugs Can Go In Your Home!

You may think that runner rugs are destined for the staircases, no matter what. But a lot of homeowners are taking those traditional rugs and giving them a flip, putting them elsewhere in the home for a little touch of flair and sophistication. But where would you want to put a runner that won’t leave you needing an Oriental rug cleaning? Read on to find out more and about the cleaning services Royal Oriental Rugs offers our Tampa customers! 


In Need Of a Cleaning?

The hardest part about having your Oriental rugs throughout your house is that they can get dirty fast. You can stay on top of most messes and vacuum as much as possible, but Oriental rugs need cleaning at least once every 1-3 years by a professional to maintain their fibers and to fully remove all the dirt particles. A professional cleaning will get deep down to your rug, removing anything that can damage your rug in the long run and leave it sparkling clean and back to showcasing its natural softness and shine. 


Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, we offer the very best in professional, hand cleaning and repairing of Oriental rugs. We also treat pet odors on rugs and can assist in those pesky stains that just won’t leave. We have deodorization services that can whisk those troublesome pet odors away the first time, every time.   


Runner Rugs Are Branching Out

Having a runner on your staircase may seem like a no-brainer as stairs can take a hit cleaning wise. There’s always foot traffic, especially if you have children, and the stairs need something to pick up that extra dirt. But runners are also the perfect size for other smaller areas in your home. You may think Oriental rugs belong in only certain areas of the home, but their elegance and durability lends them the perfect aesthetic almost anywhere in the house. 


One such area that’s perfect for a runner is in the kitchen. If you have a small island, a runner between the main counter and the island is a great place for a little bit of traction and style. The rug will usually fit the space perfectly, and really helps to bring the whole kitchen together. In the living room, if you happen to have a side or coffee table, a runner will really brighten the room. And on either side of a bed is a great way to get up in the morning without getting cold feet. There’s a low amount of foot traffic in this area, but it creates a coziness in the room with a rug on each side of the bed.  


If your home has a lot of hardwood flooring, especially hallways leading to the bathrooms or bedrooms, these are great ways to showcase your Oriental runner without them getting as much foot traffic as other areas. You can place runners as an entrance rug, but if it is an older Oriental rug, this is a high-traffic area and your rug may receive more wear and tear this way, so keep that in mind. Picking a darker shade for those high-traffic areas will keep it looking clean longer, as an added bonus. Having a runner in your laundry room is a nice way to add some color and functionality without taking up a lot of space with a bigger rug. Some people have even been using runner rugs as a tablecloth runner on a table, if the rug is thin enough. If you’re considering this, it may be necessary to give your Oriental rug a good professional clean before utilizing it on your dining room table.   


So Many Choices

Runners only belonging on staircases are a thing of the past. Get creative and see what areas of your home you might like to utilize an Oriental runner. Between hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, the possibilities are endless. 


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