Make Sure Your Silk Rug Is Actually Silk!

It’s happened to many others in varying degrees: you purchase something as guaranteed 100%, whether it’s a material, design or even brand, but you find out later on that it is an imitation or knockoff. These feelings of being duped can be irritating, but the bottom line is that you seek quality products and are left with most often cheaper and less durable products instead. If you’re wondering whether your silk rug fits into this category, it can be tricky but there are some tips and tricks to be aware of in determining the authenticity. Royal Oriental Rugs in Sarasota, Florida, can help you eliminate your worries by finding only the finest authentic, vintage or modern rugs that fit your life and design. We also offer Oriental rug cleaning, with free pickup and delivery in certain locations. 

The Imitators

Some rug sellers may have an item listed as silk when in truth it has silk fibers contained in it, but not made of spinning true silk. These rugs are typically more of a mix of inexpensive cellulosic type fibers that make the rug appear to be silk, tricking you, the customer, while you’re shopping and thinking it is pure silk. The cellulosic, chemically treated fibers have a shorter lifespan and typically don’t handle regular, day-to-day foot traffic very well in the long run. Most descriptive terms of these rugs include: faux soie, coconut silk, art silk, flax silk, bamboo silk, banana silk, hemp silk, raw silk, mercerized cotton and rayon are all used when describing non-authentic silk. An imitation silk rug is typically called a Viscose rug, which are purposefully crafted to imitate real silk and trick you, the customer, into thinking it’s the real deal. 

Silk Rugs

Since most rug buyers are not professionals, it can be difficult knowing which rugs are authentic and which ones are not. Most rug professionals can tell the difference just from touch alone, but customers are left debating. You can ask the customer service agents at the rug store for assistance, as they can help guide you toward the rug of your choice and navigate which ones are made of synthetic materials. To truly know the materials used in the rug, check the label or tag on one of the back corners. This tag will tell you all sorts of information, such as where the rug was crafted, the type of rug it is, the size and the fibers used to create it. This can ensure your peace of mind when searching for the perfect rug for your home. 

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Whether your rug is silk or synthetic silk, the rug will need to be professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year, if not more. Typical household cleaners can easily damage your rug and its fibers, so it’s best to get it cleaned by a professional rug cleaning company instead. Successful cleaning will involve the silk or synthetic rug to be groomed by hand while it is drying, and using extreme caution during the cleaning process to ensure there are no dye transfer issues as well. Stains can set into a silk or synthetic rug very easily, so it’s vital to treat the rug as soon as you can to prevent any lasting damage to the silk.  

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