Rug Appraisal

Are you interested in selling your rug? Maybe you have had a rug for a long time now, but it no longer matches the decor in your house. It might have been expensive at the time, but now you are wondering what it’s worth. This happens, but at Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa, we provide the rug appraisal you need! So how do we determine how much your rug is worth? Many different factors determine the appraisal pricing on your rug. Check out our Service Page for more information. In this article, we will explain what factors we consider when appraising your rug.

Common Known Factors Included In A Rug’s Value

If you are interested in getting an appraisal on your rug, then you have probably done some research on what factors into a rug’s value. That means you are likely familiar with knot count. To determine knot count, we flip the carpet on its opposite side, count the number of rows and columns and multiply. In some cases, knot count is the most critical factor, but in other cases, the knot count on the rug is less important.

Why is the knot count so important? If a rug has a high knot count, a significant amount of detail will be in the rug and need more time on examination. Would you want a rug with great detailing? Probably! That is why the knot count is so important when selling your rug.

With this information in mind, you can understand the different processes that are used by rug appraisers. Stop searching online for ‘appraisers near me’ and work with us. When you visit with us, the information that you have researched will be of value to you, and also in how we determine the value on your rug!

Less Common Factors Included in Rug Appraisal

While not the most crucial factor, as you can imagine, color and design play a significant role in your rug’s value! If a rug includes a rare design, then it will probably have a higher value. What is one of the unique designs on a rug? The tree of life design is an example of a rare design on a rug!

More Factors That Will Make Your Rug Valuable

Before Googling ‘appraisers near me’ while looking for a rug appraisal, you should understand these last few pieces. These final explanations may seem obvious to you, but it is still good to be sure to have a grasp on the additional factors determining the value of your rug.

For example, if your rug is in lousy shape or condition, then it is very likely that your rug will not have a high value attached to it. Would you want to buy a rug in a rough condition? No, probably not.

Lastly, there will be a determination if your rug has historical value or if it is a popular design. If that is the case, there is a chance that your rug will have a higher monetary value.

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When you are trying to sell your rug, we understand that you want to make sure you sell it for the highest price possible. Here at Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa, we want to help you with your rug appraisal process. Instead of searching online for ‘appraisers near me’, contact us today.