The best Oriental Rug color for decoration

Carpets are considered as an inseparable and extremely luxurious member of interior decoration all over the world, which is used by most designers, and its special place in the field of interior decoration design is undeniable. Sometimes it’s really unimaginable to imagine a stylish and luxurious classic space without a rug!
First the carpet, then the decoration
One hundred and fifty years ago, the famous American poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe wrote: “The soul is a carpet house.” He means that the carpet is the basis of home design and everything is affected by it. When you choose a rug for a room, you determine the overall layout of the room,
Impact of flooring
The floor is actually the fifth wall and its color is as important as the walls, furniture and fabrics used in the house. According to decor experts, the contrast between the color of the carpets and the flooring used in the interior design of the house, makes the carpets show more and more. In general, if you are a fan of contrast or contrast in the combined decoration of the house, you should use contrasting colors, and if you want to create harmony or harmony in the decoration, you should use complementary colors. Keep in mind that the color of the floor and walls should be chosen according to each other, for example, a dark floor with dark walls closes and depresses the room, but if your choice is dark colors, you have to use light furniture.
Color rotation
Color circulation in the whole space of the house is one of the basic elements of interior decoration that is easily applicable. You can choose one or more colors of your angel and use those colors in other parts of the house or prepare your angel according to the dominant color of the house. A great place to get inspired to choose a color is your closet. Usually people choose clothes that suit their color and make them more attractive, the same colors will have the same effect in your room. After all, your home also reflects your personality and spirit!

If you are confused by the large number and variety of colors, you can use the triple golden rule. Choose three colors to start with and use different tonalities of these three colors in different parts of the house. You can also use a ratio of 60-30-10. This means that 60% of your home should be the primary color, 30% the secondary color and 10% the third color. For example, walls and sofas can be considered the primary color, carpets can be used as a secondary color, and decorative items such as vases and cushions can be your 10% color. If you feel that your house is very uniform with three colors and everything is set together, you can use darker or lighter shades of these three colors. In painting your home, it is recommended that the colors be light from the bottom up, just like nature, where the color of the earth is dark. The color of what we see, such as buildings and trees, is medium and the color of the sky is light. The color of the house should be the same. If the walls are light and the ceiling is dark, it feels as if the sky is falling! Note that familiarity with the effect of colors and their use in the right place is one of the main points in interior decoration. Colors play the most important role in interior design and decoration. Everything we see has color. Colors make us feel things, in other words, we can say that they also have feelings! Colors are meaningful and reflect the way we feel. Each of the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, gray and brown have a special meaning. Using color cycles and combining them will bring you closer to the idea you have in mind. To change the space you are in and do the decoration, you should be able to choose the color and combine them.