How to clean handmade Rugs?

Finally bought a handmade rug! You have now entered a world of luxuries and on the other hand of splendor. Maybe you have added a new and wonderful piece to your valuable collection. However, this new and original member of your home can give a new look to the environment that surrounds it.

It does not matter if this is the first time you have purchased a handmade rug or not, it is important to note that knowing how to properly clean and maintain any valuable item such as a rug is a key factor.

1- Sweep your carpet every week
Vacuuming is the standard solution. But proper explanations need to be given about it. Like any other carpet, it is wise to sweep the carpet as soon as possible to prevent dirt or grime from settling on it. However, you must be very careful while doing this. Sweep the middle and main part of the carpet, but do not touch the edges so that your angel is not damaged.

2- Do not use the vacuum cleaner brush
Do not use the vacuum cleaner rotary brush. The accelerated speed of these brushes over time will cause the carpet texture to wear out. Also try not to speed up the suction of the vacuum cleaner.

3- Wash the handmade carpet
Any detergent other than carpet shampoo can damage the carpet. The main point in washing carpets is to do it carefully and gently. Before any operation, wash a small part of the carpet and make sure that the carpet is not faded or stained and does not look more worn.

Use a soft brush or sponge. Rinse all parts, including the carpet, in running water, then dry off excess water.

Now let the front of the carpet dry. After drying one side, turn the carpet. In this step, sweep or brush the carpet to make sure there is no moisture left in the texture and the lint does not stick together.

4- Clean the stains of handmade carpets
Cleaning stains on handmade rugs is a completely different matter. If a spill, liquid glue or anything else has spilled on your angel; Put a tool under it to help dry the carpet. This device can be any container in which water can drip and come out of the carpet.

Clean it when cleaning first. If you wet this spot carelessly, the stain may spread to other parts of the carpet. Use a sponge or piece of cloth to wipe the fibers to prevent the stain ingredients from sticking to the friction.

5- Dust the handmade carpet
To do this, hang the carpet and tap it on both sides to remove the dust. This keeps the carpet fibers clean, stable and even.

6- Hire a specialist cleaner
This is the safest thing to do. The problem with all the methods presented is that there is little chance of damaging the handmade rug anyway. Even if you go through all the steps carefully, it is not unlikely that you will eventually cross the narrow border of danger.

If in doubt, be sure to hire a professional cleaner, as handmade rugs are very valuable. Although these antique rugs are durable and long lasting, the damage done to them is difficult to repair. Carpets, like any other product, need to be cleaned to maintain their hand-woven structure. The only difference is that they are made entirely by hand, and the complexity of the weaving process, repairing them and restoring them to the original state, is hardly done.