Renew your Oriental Rug

Today, carpets have become one of the most important components of home decoration. When you buy a new rug, you will be fascinated by its designs and patterns, and you will surely think about how to keep the rug always clean and new.

Methods of carpet renewal

Carpet renovation methods are a set of methods that ultimately preserve the original beauty of the carpet. There are many ways to renew the carpet, and in fact, our recommendation is to use all the methods of renewing the carpet so that the carpet has its beauty and cleanliness like the first day.

One of the most important ways to renovate a carpet is to use a vacuum cleaner. You must have seen many times that when the carpet is vacuumed in a principled way, it has a special effect. But sweeping alone is not enough and sweeping should be done regularly and in principle. For this reason, it is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner at least once a week and at most three times to clean your carpets.

When you use the vacuum cleaner regularly, dust and other small debris are collected from the carpet, thus increasing the life of the carpet and maintaining its original beauty. The correct way to vacuum as one of the ways to renew the carpet is to increase the power of the vacuum cleaner at high power and gently pull the vacuum cleaner on the carpet and try to pull the vacuum cleaner in all directions to remove dust and debris. Collect finely from the carpet surface.

 Immediate staining

As you know and experience has proven to you, one of the most important factors that cause the loss of the beauty of the carpet and also make it look old is the presence of various stains on its surface. For this reason, removing carpet stains is one of the ways to renew the carpet. Note that stains should not be allowed to settle on the carpet and be difficult to clean. It is better to stain immediately after the stain occurs to maintain the beauty and freshness of your carpet.

Do not use detergent-impregnated carpet cleaning methods to clean the stain. When you use this method, it will cause the stain to penetrate deep into and around the area. And makes it difficult to clean.

How to do stain removal

At the beginning of the stain removal, if the stains can be removed, remove with a knife.

Pour a solution of a mixture of lukewarm water, white vinegar and carpet shampoo on the infected area.

Then prepare a solution from a combination of lukewarm water and carpet shampoo.

Next, soak a clean white cloth in white alcohol or a thinner and rub it on the stain.

Then use a clean white cloth to soak in the lukewarm water and carpet shampoo you have prepared.

Using this white cloth, rub the stain to dissolve the spots in the solution.

Then use a white, completely dry cloth to rub the stain to remove the stain and water from the previous steps.

Wait for the stain to dry and then use a vacuum cleaner.

Another method of carpet renewal is complete washing of the carpet. In some cases, complete washing of the carpet is necessary and none of the methods of carpet renewal can be as effective as complete washing of the carpet. You can wash the carpet at home, in which case you must wash the carpet very carefully. But it is better to leave it to a reputable carpet cleaner. It is better to wash your carpets at least once a year. When you wash your carpets, it seems like the first day you bought the carpets. Since this method is one of the most important methods of carpet renewal, here are the correct ways to wash the carpet at home:

To wash the carpet, spread it on a firm and sloping place and wet the surface of the carpet completely.

Wash all carpet surfaces with lukewarm water solution, carpet shampoo and sponge.

After the second step, wash the surface of the carpet with enough water to remove all the detergent from the carpet.

After finishing the washing process, place the carpet on a steep slope.

In spreading, make sure that the carpet is uniform.