The cause and trick of fixing rugs

The curvature of the rug is one of the defects of different types of rugs, which has arisen for some reasons and causes the rug to look old and ugly. Rug skewness is caused by excessive pounding of the initial weaving of the weave, or it may be due to various reasons such as non-uniform wefts, too loose wefts, too tight wefts, using a poor rug weaving machine. Or hang.

How many rugs are crooked?

Rug tilting usually occurs in two forms, which are: 1- Width 2- Length. This defect can be seen in the width of the rug with the unequal width of the rug in different parts of it, and also the skewness of the rug in its longitudinal part is manifested in such a way that the two sides of the rug are not the same in length and if the rug is This problem can be seen when two heads are placed on top of each other.

What causes the rug to tilt?

There are 3 reasons that cause the rug to tilt, which are:

One of the reasons is the lack of coordination across the zigzags.

If the height of the loom is uncoordinated, it will cause the rug to tilt.

The third reason that causes such a problem is improper tapping in each ridge so that the pressure that the weaver puts on each ridge with the bucket is not uniform throughout.

Trick to fix rug and tablecloths

To remove the curvature of the rug and restore the rug to its original and natural state, they use loam, which we will now fully examine this operation. In some special cases, knots and ridges are used to eliminate the curvature of the rug.

The operation is generally done in both modern and traditional ways. The rug is stretched through devices that have movable jaws and then attached to clamps and fixed to them. Then water is sprinkled on the back and heated from below so that the water in the rug evaporates due to this heat and gradually causes the rug to become smoother and looser. The said method is modern, but now doing this We also examine the traditional way of working. In the traditional method, the rug is flattened on a board from the front and then the rug is fixed with a level thread and a nail and the other part of the rug is connected to another board which has a shape of seven. . Over time, the traction of the machine gradually increases and the machine opens, and this opening continues until the machine finally opens completely and the rug becomes smooth. In order for the rug to be completely fixed during this time, a resin solution is applied to the back with a mixture of shingles and tragacanth. Now we will examine the method of moving the knots, which was said to be used in some special cases to eliminate the curvature of the rug.

Move the nodes

To remove the curvature of the rug in this way, the repairman starts to open the roots and finally starts to untie the knots and ridges.