Silk Oriental Rug

Handmade silk carpets can be considered as one of the most exquisite and valuable works of art. When it comes to silk carpets, the first thing that may subconsciously come to our mind is its high price, which has made this type of carpet not only welcomed. For the sake of special quality and elegance, but also to rise as a future investment.

Recognize handmade silk carpets
When you talk about recognizing and introducing a product or work, you need to be precise about everything you need to know.

In the case of handmade silk carpets, this knowledge depends on items such as carpet weaving skills, handmade carpet designs, the location of the carpet texture, age, fibers, number of knots, color and size.
Is a silk rug suitable for my purchase?
Before making any choice or purchase about your handmade silk carpet, you need to pay attention to whether this purchase and this type of carpet is suitable for you or not?

In general, people who buy silk carpets have two perspectives on this, the first category is that they are specifically looking for art, originality and beauty and do not pay much attention to its material discussion.

If you are one of these people, we need to listen to you that buying very delicate silk rugs is not a good option for you, because you are going to use this type of carpet as a floor rug, and this is why That your carpet gets a lot of feet and the amount of dirt increases, and with the continuation of that, your carpet needs to be washed a lot, which if your carpet is very delicate, it will lose its quality after a while.

Some people have invested in the main purpose of buying handmade silk carpets and they pay a lot of attention to this issue.

In today’s economic climate, this can be considered a very good option. Handmade silk carpets are generally an exquisite work that does not decrease with currency fluctuations, price and value, just like home and gold.

Important note:
Since your goal is to invest, you should try to do your best to maintain your handmade silk carpet, so the carpet can be considered the best option for this, so that you can use its beauty and elegance. Have fun and use it to invest
In general, before buying a handmade silk carpet, we should also know how to maintain and wash it, to avoid doing the wrong things that will reduce the quality of the carpet.

First of all, let’s point out that many people have trouble with changing the color of their carpets while washing them.

It should be noted that silk fibers are very sensitive and delicate and do not have much resistance to chemicals and react quickly, so

It is better not to use chemical cleaners to wash handmade silk carpets. Color fading, perforation, weakening of the fibers and changes in the texture of the carpet are some of the damages that chemicals can cause to the carpet.

Remember not to leave the silk rug anywhere for washing without knowing it, because if you do not have the proper skills, they may cause the destruction and damage of your carpet.