The Value In Owning A Fine Area Rug Or Carpet

Purchasing an area rug can be expensive, and it may be tempting to buy a rug that is friendlier on your budget. But this may be a mistake. High-end rugs will hold, or even increase, their value over time. Read on to learn about the value in owning a fine area rug or carpet, and to learn how Royal Oriental Rugs can help you maintain the value of your rugs.

The Value In Owning A Fine Area Rug Or Carpet
The most important factor in rug value is its style and origin, with the value changing based on what is in high demand on the market, and just how desperate the buyer is. Persian, Anatolian, etc. rugs all have different values depending on what is in fashion in your particular area. If you have a question about how much your rug may be worth, come see our experts at Royal Oriental Rugs for an appraisal.

Quality Matters
Another major factor in whether your rug will hold its value is the quality of materials used to make it. Rugs made with artificial fibers or blends are usually lower in quality. These rugs may be less expensive to buy, but they will not hold their value as well. You can expect these rugs to eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Cotton and wool are considered mid-tier quality. Silk is high-end and the most likely to keep, or even increase its value.

Knot count, or the number of knots woven into the rug per square inch, can also affect your rug’s value. The higher the knot count, the more time and material was used to make the rug, and the higher its value will be. Higher knot counts also give rugs a softer feel. Of course, size matters, with larger rugs demanding a higher price. And handmade rugs are valued well above machine-made rugs.

Maintain The Value In Your Area Rug
Area rugs are an investment, and they need to be maintained as such. It is common sense that a rug in excellent condition will have more value than a rug in poor condition. Antique rugs are usually worth more than modern rugs, and periodic rug maintenance is the key to maintaining your rug investment by ensuring your rug ages beautifully.

Of course, you should be performing periodic carpet maintenance yourself on a regular basis by cleaning up spills quickly and vacuuming your rug frequently.

Finally, we recommend getting your rugs professionally cleaned by our trained staff at Royal Oriental Rugs every three years. Using traditional cleaning methods, we can make your rug look like new. For more extensive damage, we also offer a rug repair service.

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