All around the world. Turkish patchwork carpets are known for their symbolic designs, traditional weaving patterns, and rich color saturation. It is possible that you have had your eye on one of our Turkish rugs here at Royal Oriental Rugs due to these unique and wonderful qualities! Read on to learn more about the unique qualities of Turkish rugs, and how they are a wonderfully versatile piece for any home, no matter modern or vintage. Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, we are a top purveyor of Antique Rugs in Florida, offering a huge selection of vintage rugs, reproduction rugs, and tapestries. You can feel confident when choosing from some of the finest Persian, European, and Oriental carpets and tapestries in Florida that we provide the highest standard of quality and commitment to excellence. Royal Oriental Rugs is known for giving each and every client a sense of trust and assurance, and we also offer oriental rug cleaning Tampa residents trust! Currently we are offering up to 20% off rug services for cleaning and repair, up to 60% off rug inventory, an in-house designer who is available for consultations, FREE pickup and delivery, and hand cleaning and repair services. 


Kilim Rugs


Handmade carpets have been the prized pieces of adornment for the homes of nomadic Turks for hundreds of years. Royal Oriental Rugs offer an array of these classic rugs. The Kilim is a flat tapestry-woven carpet, which first appears in history going back to at least 7000BC. When you own a Kilim rug, you will truly feel as if you have captured a moment in ancient history by having one of these beautiful pieces displayed in your home. The patterns that are utilized in Kilim rugs represent certain customs of their makers. The artisans put their own experiences and histories into these rugs. For example, some of the symbols and threading that are utilized in Kilim rugs may be good luck charms as protections from evil, the number of children the craftswoman has, or represent special stories which are rooted in their family history. To keep these carpets in good shape so that they will last as family heirlooms for generations, it’s important to have them regularly maintained. This is why we offer oriental rug cleaning Tampa residents trust!


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Another type of rug that we offer are overdyed patchwork rugs, which are instantly recognizable from their vibrant colorings. These aged rugs in combination with striking, colorful dyes create the perfect balance of modern and vintage. They are perfect for pretty much any type of design aesthetic, especially as statement pieces in rooms that primarily feature neutral decor. They may also be paired with a bright sofa or chair in order to create an eye-catching interior. Handmade carpets have remained in Turkish culture as valuable art forms, and are wonderful pieces to style your home with. 


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Turkish rugs are a great piece to style your home with, and offer amazing aesthetical versatility and quality. If you’re looking for oriental rug cleaning Tampa residents trust, call Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa today!

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