Are you looking for new ways to spruce up your bathroom? Here at Royal Oriental Rugs, we offer information regarding why you should have oriental rugs in your bathroom and not just in other rooms in your home. You might think that these types of rugs only belong in living rooms or dining rooms. However, any in-house designers who are available for consultations would advise you to put these rugs in your bathroom for various reasons. They provide so much more for your bathroom than regular bathroom carpets, and they will provide many benefits as well. Some of these benefits include hand cleaning, less pet odor, and easy for stains to be removed from them with simple stain odor. Our rugs are high-quality, which makes taking care of them a breeze compared to cheaper rugs. Plus, we offer up to twenty percent off rug services such as cleaning and repair if need be. We repair all of our rugs by hand so you can ensure that they are returned as good as new. We also offer up to sixty percent off of rug inventory. So what are you waiting for? We have the best rugs in Tampa!


Our Rugs Versus Bathroom Carpets

You are probably wondering why we recommend having oriental rugs in your bathroom instead of regular bathroom rugs. Other than the easy maintenance and high-quality, oriental carpets add a much more luxurious feel to your bathroom. Everyone spends a lot of time in their bathrooms compared to other rooms in their homes, so why not make it a place you love being in? These traditional rugs help give your bathroom its own look, so it is styled distinctly from other rooms. We supply modern, authentic, vintage, and contemporary styles of our rugs so you can pick out the perfect rug to match your bathroom. Also, putting an oriental carpet in your bathroom changes the entire mood of the room. That is to say, instead of always looking at your sink, your floors, your walls, and maybe a few decorations, you can walk into your bathroom and feel like it is fully decorated and inviting. Bathrooms don’t have to look like bathrooms necessarily, but rather a spruced-up room that holds its own in your house. 


More Perks Of Our Rugs

  • Oriental rugs make your bathroom relaxing 
  • More personal and stylish 
  • Positive mindset 
  • Unique feel 
  • Bathroom colors are brought out by the color of the rug 
  • Compliment any natural light that comes in 
  • Comfortable for your feet 
  • Can get wet or stay dry 

Make Your Bathroom Special 

Your bathroom is arguably the most personal space in your home because it is where you clean yourself, get ready for the day, the first place you go when you wake up in the morning, and the last place you go before bed. Therefore, it’s important that you make your bathroom as special as possible. Our rugs are the perfect way to personalize and stylize your bathroom is a simple and unique way. You will not regret it! 


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Royal Oriental Rugs are professionals who want your bathroom to be a place you love being in. Instead of regular bathroom carpets, add an oriental carpet in your bathroom and watch your bathroom transform. Call or visit us today in Tampa for information on the free pick up and delivery we offer for our carpets. 


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