Can You Perform Oriental Rug Repair On Your Own?

Deciding to try and repair any kind of antique furniture or prized piece can be a complicated and confusing task. The item that you’re about to get started on is probably very valuable, both monetarily and in sentiment. This may be a piece that you’ve purchased yourself and begun to get attached to, or an heirloom that’s stayed with your family for many generations. No matter what the form of the rug, sometimes things can happen and the rug can suffer some real damage. From a household animal performing natural functions on a thousand dollar rug to your child spilling juice on the family heirloom, there are many things that could happen to any item in your home. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly what to do when your oriental rug is damaged. Read on to learn more about oriental rug repair! Royal Oriental Rugs Is a top rug shop offering a full range of rug services and inventory. Call Royal Oriental Rugs for rug repair Tampa residents trust today!

Steps In Oriental Rug Repair

We’re here to let you know exactly what you should do when your Oriental rug is damaged. No matter what part of the rug finds itself in harm’s way, from the fringes and sides to the foundation itself, it’s essential to try and repair the rug as soon as possible. Here is a step by step breakdown of what to do when your oriental rug is damaged:

  • Typical areas of damage- While an Oriental rug won’t be easily damaged, there are two main areas of the rug that will probably find themselves most likely to be in need of repair depending on the situation: the sides and the ends. These areas typically receive the most damage, since the “ends” aren’t protected by existing at the tighter, thicker portions of the product. Oriental rugs are fringed by frills that help to keep the rug’s composition relaxed and luxurious, making those areas more prone to damage.
  • Get your rug repaired immediately-  While this step may be obvious, it’s also the most important step. The longer you leave your rug damaged, the more wear and tear may happen. If you’ve placed your Turkish rug, for example, at the center of your living room and it’s been in your family for decades, there are bound to be accidents that occur. You take a thorough assessment of the rug- a frill that runs across the wide of the rug has become a bit torn. These rugs are, at the end of the day, heirlooms and antiques. Don’t be afraid to bring your rug in for a regular checkup every few years, and outside of an immediate break, regularly taking your rug in for checkups can ensure that no accidental damage has been done and give you as the owner peace of mind.

Tips On Rug Repair Tampa Residents Trust

  • Hire a professional- We always recommend taking your rug in to a professional. While there are DIY methods of “fixing your carpet” floating around the internet, the problem with trying to do something yourself that you don’t have any experience in is that you can risk seriously damaging the carpet in the process. These fine pieces are steeped in history and tradition, and to lose them can be quite a blow. Don’t try and do it yourself with a Youtube video; it can end up saving you a significant amount of money in the long run if you hire someone to fix it. 

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