Pets Ruining Your Clean Oriental Rug?

Hardly will you find an apartment in Tampa without pets. They are adorable, beautiful, and help improve the fun in the house. Yet, they sometimes become too much of a trouble for you. If you have a clean oriental rug in your home, are you often concerned about your pet ruining the rug?

Even after setting up an excellent spot for them, you can expect your pets to sometimes urinate on your lovely rug. What is the solution? Does that mean you have to get rid of your pets? With the help of Royal Oriental Rug, keeping your rug in top condition is guaranteed.

How do pets affect your oriental rug?

There are three ways pets can ruin your clean oriental rug when they urinate on the rug. Tampa rug cleaning often notice stains the rug as a result of the urine. It may also result in color bleeding, and in most cases, the rug starts to smell bad.

How odor affects your rug

Tampa rug cleaning is often faced with the most significant threat of getting foul pet urine odor out of the rug. Rugs made with thick materials often retain more urine. When pets urinate on the rug, even when they urine dries off, salt and crystal’s residue leads to your rug smelling; how?

The reaction of salt and crystal with the moisture around the rug results in the production of the foul smell you perceive. The more the moisture, the stronger the odor you perceive.

How stains affect your rug

When you see a stained rug, you wouldn’t need to ask any question. The color you will observe often depends on the type of rug you have in your home. In most cases, you will observe light colors like white or beige.

For rugs made of cotton, jute, or wool, urine can result in observing dark color dye or tannins. Sometime, pet urine might look exactly like when you spill a coffee on your rug. Overall, it affects the outlook or your rug and makes it look dirty.

What to do when pet ruin your rug

The bug question stands, what should you do when pets ruin your rug. The honest answer that comes to mind is “clean the rug.” That’s the truth, but how do you clean the rug? Many will advise you to get deodorants in your home to help overpower the odor. Sadly, urine smell can last for years. So, when your deodorant expires, you’ll be back to square one.

Some also believe sun drying the rug will solve the problem. Yes! It will help your rug dry off quickly, but this won’t clean the stain or reduce the smell. Another temporary solution is to wipe the affected area with dry cloth and sundry. The best solution is to use professional help for submersion cleaning.

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