Tampa Bay Area Rug Fringe Repair Process

Rug fringe repairs are an excellent way to extend the life of your rug. Depending on your needs and desires, you may reattach the fringe, replace the fringe, or remove it altogether. This guide will detail how to repair the fringe on a standard rug and the best oriental rug fringe repair tips. But for further assistance, you can always get in touch with Royal Oriental Rugs.


Oriental Rug Fringe Repair Process

The proper rug fringe repairs help fix fraying rugs. The fringe can be repaired with various methods, depending on the type of rug. 

We recommend a hand stitch repair for hand-knotted rugs and power fringing for machine-made oriental area rugs. 

The repair process is broken down into several steps: First, identify the damage. It is done by inspecting the rug’s fringe area for loose threads, tangled piles, or obvious pulls in the rug. Second, sew a blanket stitch along the damaged area using a waxed thread to strengthen the rug’s edges to prevent unraveling. Third, pin the replacement fringe on top of the old fringe and fold the overlapping ends onto the new fringe to form a secure border on each end, and pin them. Use a waxed thread to hand-sew the replacement fringe to the base of your rug. Finally, use the double stitch to replace the fringe to the bottom of the rug. It helps stop the fringes from fraying at the ends.


Methods of fringe repair 

  • Hand stitching

This repair service will give you a beautiful pre-woven once again and stops further unraveling. The process involves weaving a pre-woven fringe to the rug’s end while leaving the existing fringe in place.

  • Re-inserting fringe services

This is a hand repair service since it requires an intricate weaving of the warps back into the rug structure. It is costly and restores the whole value appearance of a damaged rug.  

  • Hand overcast

This repair service stops the rug from unraveling. It is ideal for hand-woven rugs and is done by weaving a simple lock stitch that goes through the weft threads. It is also good when you have a damaged fringe. It means knots are damaged.

  • Machine-stitching

The method uses a particular type of machine to add a new fringe to your damaged rug. It is less expensive than hand-woven stitching and produces a new-like appearance for both hand-woven and synthetic rugs.

  • Machine binding

Machine binding helps trim, bind, and bevel rugs made from natural fibers. The repair is done in a variety of widths using cotton fabric.


Common Oriental rug fringe repairs

  • Repairing the ends

The fringe is designed as the foundation of the rug and maintains its integrity. The ends are the two sides running along the width of the rug.

  • Repairing the sides

These are the two sides running along the length of the rig and do not have fringes. When weaving the oriental rugs, the weaver weaves from side to side. At the end of the weaving, the weaver ties the endpoint of the carpet. The endpoint helps maintain the shape of the rug, preventing the knots from unraveling. With time these ends become loose and start to open. The sides are repaired carefully by warping the damaged side with wool to prevent the rug from opening. The result is a clean and original look.


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Things you need to know about red carpet stains

We usually install carpets in high-traffic areas of the house. As a result, these are prone to dirt and stains and the stubbornest being the red carpet stains. So, you need to know how to clean them without damaging them. But if you would require some assistance, check out Royal Oriental Rugs.


What are Red Carpet Stains?

Red Carpet Stains are a commonly misunderstood phenomenon. Most people think they result from the red carpet being spilled on, but this is not always the case.

These stains come from a variety of sources and have different origins. For example, some may come from makeup, lipstick, or food, while others may be from sweat or oil from skin or hair products.

You can remove red Carpet Stains with specific types of detergents and soap designed for different stains.


Red Carpet Stains solutions

Keep your carpets looking beautiful with these helpful tips for red rug stains removal.

The most common causes of red stains on carpets are food spills, kids’ paint, and wine.

The first is identifying the carpet fiber type you have before soaking the stain with cold water and blotting it with a towel. Know your fabric and what to avoid, and use a stain remover that’s safe on the garment. No need to worry about harming the garment if you use a stain remover that is safe on fabric.

You can also use a pre-mixed carpet cleaner if you have one around. But we recommend that you be cautious while using any enzyme-based cleaners which may damage your carpets.

There are many other ways to remove red stains on carpets, such as ice cubes, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar. These agents work by removing the color or texture from the fabric and helping to break down the stain’s components so they can be lifted out of the carpet fibers more easily.

Anyone with a carpet knows how hard dealing with the worst red carpet stains is. You need to address the issue before it becomes a challenge. The first step is to blot up as much of the spilled food or beverage as possible with paper towels or a cloth. Next, use a commercial spot remover on the area where spilled food landed on the carpet. Finally, treat any stained areas with a commercial carpet stain remover containing an enzyme-based cleaning agent designed for tough stains on carpets or rugs.

Pro carpet cleaners use unique ways of removing stains from carpets. One popular method is dry cleaning. Unlike traditional wet cleaning, dry cleaning removes all color and texture from the fabric so the stain can be seen more easily and treated.

At Royal Oriental Rugs, We specialize in

  1. Pet odor and stain removal
  2. Hand cleaning
  3. Hand repair
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  5. Up to 60% off rug inventory
  6. In-house designer (available for consultations)
  7. FREE pickup & delivery
  8. Authentic, vintage, oriental, Persian, traditional, modern, contemporary styles


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Selecting the best Rug clean service for all your rug cleaning needs

Buying a good rug is expensive, and stains on your rugs can become a real eyesore. Not everyone knows how to clean carpets and rugs, and most rug cleaning services make some prevalent mistakes that can be detrimental to your Rug’s lifespan. Rug cleaning is an art, and we, Royal Oriental Rugs, have mastered it. With our durable hand cleaning techniques, we can restore your Rug to its stain and odor-free state. Avail of our free pick and delivery services and book a time for us to pick your Rug!


Know the History Of your Rug

Rugs are made of various materials, and you cannot clean all rugs in the same way. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the nature of the material you are dealing with and proceed accordingly. Since we are the masters of oriental rugs, we have a deep knowledge of different rug materials, regardless of how far back they go.  

Before cleaning your Rug, we analyze the material and ask ourselves if it is Indo-Persian, Sino-Persian, Kazak, Kashan, Tabrez, and so on. Knowing the history of your Rug can help you uncover its actual price, and you can unlock the secrets of how to take optimum care of your Rug. 


Selecting an Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

Since rugs are an essential part of your home’s interior, selecting a rug cleaning service is an important task. You need to know if the rug cleaning service you are opting for has been in the business for a long time or not and if they have worked on diverse rug cleaning projects. 

A good rug cleaning company will treat every carpet that comes under their care individually. They will first identify its material, the detailing of the craftsmanship on it, and the mixture of wool, cotton, silk, or any other material that your Rug comprises. Hand-woven rugs can be delicate and should be dealt with accordingly. Choosing a rug cleaning company that does not do the job adequately and ruins the material of your Rug can compromise the color, dyes, and strength of fibers. Mistreating oriental rugs can cause them to bleed and will not do an excellent job of removing the stains and odor. 


Why Choose Us?

While there are many rug cleaning options at your disposal, we are one of the most tempting options for most customers, owing to our expertise and the attractive discounts we offer, alongside other services. If you want to get your oriental or any other rugs cleaned, you will have to go through the hassle of dropping your Rug at the workshop and picking it up or paying for the pick-up and delivery services. At Royal Oriental Rugs, we offer free pick-up and delivery services alongside mind-boggling discounts of 60% on rug inventory and 20% on rug services such as cleaning and repair! 

Machine cleaning can damage your Rug, and thus we use hand cleaning and hand repair techniques to treat your rugs with the utmost care. We also offer in-house design services if you are looking for consultation regarding what rugs to purchase. Whether authentic, vintage, Persian, oriental, traditional, contemporary or even modern, our rug cleaning services extend to all types!


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The Important Factors That You Should Know to Take Care of Your Area Rug

Your area rug is the highlight of the room that it is in. It accentuates the beauty of the room, and therefore area rug care is an essential part of enhancing the look of the place. At Royal Oriental Rugs, we have dealt with many rugs and have been in the rug repair industry for quite a while. We know how to clean and repair area rugs without inflicting any damage to your rug. 

Our goal is to make sure that rugs get the love and care they deserve, and for this reason, we have decided to share some of our tips and tricks with our customers that will teach them about the dos and don’ts of rug care. Here are some practical tips that you can implement when it comes to area rug care. 


Area rug care and the Sun

The sun is not a friend of your area rugs. The sun’s rays are strong enough to make the fibers and the fabric in your rug and eventually lose their color. Depending on the material of your area rug, the rate at which the color of your carpet will fade can vary. Multiple things affect the rate at which the appearance of your area rug fades. They include the dye and fabric type, the dying method used, the color of the fabric, where the area rug is placed in your home, and how much exposure it has to the sun’s rays. 

However, you must remember that the sun’s rays are not the only thing that has the potential to make your rug’s color fade. Also, if your area rug has a more vibrant or darker color, it has more potential to fade.


Avoid direct contact with the sun

When deciding where to place the rug in your room, make sure you pick a spot that does not have constant exposure to the sun. If the carpet is constantly in contact with the sun, the color will fade very quickly, and the carpet will lose most of its beauty. You can place it in an area where the sun’s rays are not highly intense, thus protecting the color and the fabric from getting damaged. However, if your room does not have ample space and you have to place your carpet in a sun-exposed area, you can cater to this problem.

Adding curtains can help protect the sunlight from hitting the room. Not only this, adding curtains or blinds can also boost your home’s energy efficiency, preventing unnecessary heat from entering or leaving the room. If you don’t want curtains, you can also opt for black-out shades or blinds. The thicker the material of the curtains, blinds, or shades, the more they will be able to protect the carpet. 


Other Tips

Other tips include placing lighter shade rugs closer to the window, adding a layer of coating to your windows, getting rug protectors, and other such things. You can even ask your rug repair company to reverse the fading damage that the sun has done on your area rug. Ensure you don’t put off cleaning your rug for too long since the accumulation of dust can also cause the area rug to deteriorate. 


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We can help you adopt the best area rug care practices in your cleaning and maintenance regiment when it comes to the rugs in your home. In addition, we also offer area rug cleaning services that are bound to make your rugs look much cleaner, leaving them fresh and new. We are the best choice for your area rug repair and cleaning services in Tampa, with excellent services and unbelievable discounts!

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