Durability of rugs

Choosing the right covering for the floor and increasing its durability is one of the most important points for having a beautiful home; if you are one of those people who spend most of your rest time at home, choosing a suitable you can turn your home into the most ideal environment for rest and relaxation. Due to the daily increase in the price of rugs, it has become impossible for most people to replace rugs at home. Therefore, we try we are going to introduce you to tips on increasing the durability of rugs at home.

Tips on increasing the durability of rugs at home

1. Checking the environment in terms of traffic

The first point that should be taken into account in order to increase the durability of the rug at home and maintain the health of the rug is the type of application and the way of use of the environment for which you intend to prepare the rug; for example, a rug that is used in high-traffic corridors. or the living room of a house is used, it must be highly durable and its durability should be such that there is no change in the appearance of the rug due to long-term use; or for bedroom rugs that are less are used, you can choose softer materials.

2. Attention to lifestyle

If you keep a pet in your home or have a habit of throwing busy parties, or even if one of your family members likes to exercise at home, rugs with busy patterns and colors are necessary. use darker colors or so-called puss to prevent stains and dirt from appearing quickly on your rug as much as possible; In this case, your rug will need less washing and will last longer. Or vice versa, if you have a small family and usually avoid crowded places, it is better to use quieter and brighter rugs.

Choosing the right rug for the dining room

The use of rugs for the dining room has many pros and cons; nevertheless, the use of rugs in the dining room, in addition to being practical, gives shape or even gives life to the space of the dining room, of course, it must be said that the use A rug in the dining room is not considered a basic requirement, but it depends entirely on taste.

3. Avoid direct sunlight to the rug

Direct and continuous sunlight causes the rugs to look old due to their paleness, so it is better to draw the curtains or use a rug when the sun shines.

4. Dry the rug after cleaning the stains

Be sure to dry the spot completely after cleaning the stains from the rug.

5. Attention to the type of rugs

Woolen rugs are very durable, but their biggest problem is that dust particles are hard to separate from this type of rugs. Rugs that use olefin in their texture are easily cleaned and resistant to moisture, but these rugs become stretchy over time. Nylon rugs have a low price and are very resistant to change, but they scatter dust around. If you don’t use a rug, it’s better to keep it folded.

6. Vacuuming in the direction of the rug

Removing dirt keeps rug fibers healthy and is one of the main ways to increase the durability of rugs.

7. Up and down the rug:

Another way to increase the durability of rugs at home is to move the rugs from the top to the bottom.

8. Handing the rug to a reliable rug cleaner:

By doing this, you will be sure of optimal washing and observing the basic points in washing the rug and thus preventing rotting in your rug.

9: Using the sub-base:

If the legs of the sofa, TV table, etc. are placed on your rug, be sure to use under the leg to prevent condensation and damage to the texture of your rug.

10. Not using chemical detergents to remove stains from the rug:

It is better to consider natural materials such as yogurt as an alternative to chemical detergents to remove stains from the rug. While removing the stain from your rug, avoid damaging its texture.