How often should we wash our rugs?

Washing hand-woven and machine-made rugs at home and rug cleaning, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and in general, things like the price of hand-woven rugs, our tools and conditions at home, and our income are decisive in choosing the method of washing our rugs. . Basic maintenance of the rug and trying to maintain its quality and health is much more affordable than buying a new rug, and the best way to increase the life of the rug is to wash it professionally by reliable rug cleaners.

How many times a year should we wash our rug?

The pollution and dirt left on the rug causes the rug to be damaged and decrease in value, and with children in the house and remaining stains caused by fruit juice, milk or ink, washing your rug twice a year. And it is necessary every 6 months. Also, if your family members move around the house a lot, your rugs are more exposed to dirt and small molecular organisms, so don’t wash your rug with an interval of more than 6 months.

Is it wrong to wash the rug too much?

If the number of times the rugs are washed is high or the detergents are strong, it will cause serious damage to the rugs. People who are hesitant and wash their rugs several times a year realize that their rugs deteriorate over time, which is another cause of rug rot is excessive humidity. Consider that mixing different detergents causes irreparable damage to the rug. Delivers rugs.

Always try the detergent on a small part of the rug, which is generally the best home detergent, rug shampoo and a little hand washing powder. The water you use for this should be lukewarm because washing the rug with high temperature water will destroy its softness.

Why should we wash rugs how often?

Even if our rug does not look dirty in appearance, but over time, its color becomes darker and its edges gradually get an undesirable appearance, and if we do not clean the rug, dust penetrates into the fabric of the rug. He does. Whether our rug is cotton or wool, when we walk on it, these particles cause wear and tear of the rug fibers. If you don’t sweep and dust the rug and don’t wash it regularly, walking on the rug will cause it to wear out quickly.

Washing the rug regularly cleans the oily and sticky dirt that cannot be removed from the inside of the rug with a vacuum cleaner, which is usually caused by air pollution, cooking steam, and dust from the soles of shoes.

Washing handmade rugs at home

You can use a rug cleaning service to wash a hand-woven rug at home. To wash a hand-woven rug, you must prepare a suitable detergent. This solution can be prepared by mixing rug shampoo, baking soda or vinegar, and for this purpose, it is better not to use alkaline substances.