Interior Designers Tampa Locals Trust Can Help You Choose The Right Rug

The perfect way to warm up any living space in your home is with an elegant, oriental rug. These rugs add that extra level of comfort and hominess while also creating that special element of flow that makes a space feel complete. If you’re looking to find a new rug for your new pad or looking to replace an old one with something new and bright, let our interior designers in Tampa help you find the perfect rug for your space here at Royal Oriental Rugs. Here, we offer the finest tapestries, vintage rugs, reproduction rugs, and oriental rugs Tampa along with rug repair and cleaning services. Let us help you choose the right rug for you.


How to Choose Rug Shape

When picking out a rug, you might not have thought too much about the shape of that rug, but it can actually be the most important aspect of the rug when designing your living space. Here are some things to consider about different rug shapes:

  • Round Rugs
    • Round rugs are typically smaller than other kinds of rugs. This is because they have the effect of making smaller rooms with smaller furniture feel larger. They also have the impact of making a space feel more playful and cozy. A round rug is excellent under a round dining table, or directly under a chandelier. It can be a cute addition to a playroom or be the perfect way to complete a quaint breakfast nook or bay window area. 
  • Square Rugs
    • A square rug naturally completes a square-shaped space or dining area, but you can also consider pairing up two or more square rugs for certain spaces also. Besides interior design, square rugs are fantastic for outdoor spaces. Many patio furniture setups are square, and the right rug can make a charming hotspot on your porch or patio.
  • Rectangular Rugs
    • The rectangular rug is the most traditional, as most spaces tend to be more rectangular by the shape of the room or space. For example, many living rooms feature one long couch across from a TV with a loveseat to close in the area. Rectangular rugs also help close in large spaces just enough to make those spaces feel open, but not empty. With many living spaces featuring an open concept to the kitchen and dining area, these rugs are perfect for most people.
  • Asymmetrical Rugs
    • These are the wild cards of rugs, able to come in any shape, size, and color, so the only limit to asymmetrical rugs is your own creativity. More abstract rug shapes can give a space a modern and stylish look. Conventional shapes also exist, such as a flower-shaped room for a kid’s bedroom or play area.


The Interior Designers Tampa on Why To Get a Rug

There are many reasons to consider adding an elegant rug to your living space. For one, rugs are a timeless focal point to any hard-floor rooms. The patterns and styles shift as time goes by, but the core aspects of the oriental rug will always retain the role of drawing in the eye with their intricate designs. With the current trend of hardwood floors in living rooms and bedrooms, rugs also perfectly add a layer of comfort while also adding the element of warmth and coziness that many homes need.


Find Oriental Rugs Tampa Today

Our interior designers Tampa are committed to helping you find the perfect rug to complete your living space. We understand the value that an oriental rug can have, which is why we ensure that our rugs are of the highest quality possible. Whether you need to find a new rug to update your home or restore a rug you already have, Royal Oriental Rugs in Tampa is here. Contact us today, or stop by our store to see what amazing rugs we have to offer.