Luxury Rugs: Avoid These Mistakes With Your High End Rugs

A fantastic way to complete a living space is a with a high-quality rug. Luxury rugs are timeless and can live with you for many years to come, which means taking care of them is important. We at Royal Oriental Rug in Tampa are passionate about beautiful rugs and and want to inform rug owners on how to avoid mistakes that could leave them damaged. We not only sell ornate rugs, but also offer rug restoration and rug cleaning near me, so we’ve seen the results of easily-avoidable mistakes.


Rugs are an Investment

A good rug is a long-lasting one that can be a part of your home for a very long time. They can add a layer of elegance to your home in an area that lacks that certain ooph without the help of a good rug. Ensuring that your rug stays in top condition with the right amount of care and attentiveness is essential. You don’t want to ruin that wonderful investment after all, right?


Mistakes You Want to Avoid Making With Luxury Rugs

  • Leaving it in direct sunlight
    • One of the most common mistakes we see with rug owners is where the rug has been left in an area that sees lots of sunlight from your windows throughout the day. Sunlight will cause the beautiful colors of your rug to fade and wash out. If you like having your run in a sunny part of your home, consider adding curtains or shades keep your rug protected during peak hours of the day.
  • Not deep cleaning it
    • Rugs are composed of a deep web of fibers underneath the surface that trap and collect dirt and debris. Regular vacuuming and at-home cleaning can help minimize this, but a professional deep clean will get under the surface where ordinary cleaning methods wont reach. Not only can this accumulation of dirt damage your rug in the long run, wouldn’t it be satisfying to see the professionals completely remove the deep, collected debris? Consider seeking professional cleaning about once a year at least.
  • Vacuuming only the top of the rug
    • Most people only vacuum and clean the top of the rug, but the bottom needs to be cleaned as well. An easy way to prolong the life of your rug is to flip it over and vacuum the bottom on a regular basis.
  • Never rotating it
    • Foot traffic can easily wear out any rug or carpet, but simply rotating it every so-often will help prevent your rug’s traffic areas from being worn down. This will help keep your rug looking fresh and new.


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