Large Modern Rugs & How You Can Care For Them At Home

Large modern rugs are unquestionably a stylish flooring accessory to have at home. But as it usually happens, with the acquisition of fantastic trendy accessories, great maintenance duties are to follow, such as knowing how to take proper care of these beautiful aesthetically looking oriental rugs and keep them looking brand new for many years to come. If you don’t know how to do it, follow us and learn how to do it with these useful tricks we are about to share! We are Royal Oriental Rugs, your finest purveyor of antique rugs in Tampa.  


What Makes Modern Rugs so Popular?

The primary and most favorable asset that a modern rug brings to a home is defined by the warmth, color, and texture that it can add to a formerly innocuous space, suddenly changed by the presence of tonalities, and unique style. 


Each of those qualities is highly valuable to home interior designers and homeowners alike and increase even more when measured alongside other must-have factors, such as sustainability, comfort, and overall room integration.


Large contemporary rugs can also be used to cover imperfections in the flooring and are considered by many as an unexpected ally to increase safety in the house by acting as a cushion that reduces the impact of injuries in case of a fall.


How to Clean Large Modern Rugs at Home?

Here are the essential tips Royal Oriental Rugs recommends you try to clean your rugs at home.

  • Shaking and beating. One of the most traditional yet infallible ways to remove excess dust from a rug is by shaking it and beating it. This practice is more effective outdoors than indoors. To avoid complaints is crucial, you get informed about the neighborhood’s and community’s rules regarding this kind of practice. 
  • Vacuuming. Probably the best way to clean your rug efficiently. All you need to do is be careful while managing the vacuum on the rug to minimize mishaps that could lead to shedding.
  • Washing. Spills happen. In our experience, one of the best alternatives you can try to remove stains is choosing a stain remover appropriate in accordance to your rug’s material. Try it first on a small spot to see how it works before moving to the main area of action-.  


In Tampa, we are the best rug and carpet cleaners you can find. Don’t hesitate to seek our assistance at any time. Our trained professionals, we’ll be there to help you. 


Why Is Important to Keep the Flooring Rug at Home Clean? 

Besides dealing with the heavy daily traffic of the household, home rugs are common places for airborne pollutants, moisture, bacteria, and other types of microorganisms to accumulate. 


Sticking to a strict and regular cleaning plan for the oriental rugs control these health-threatening troubles, preserving the beautiful look and durability of the carpet through time. 



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