Huge Rug Collections – See What’s Trending in 2020

Every year, new rug collections are gaining popularity among interior designers in the Tampa area. Once one person uses a design or color pattern, it creates a domino effect in the industry. Before you know it, everyone is utilizing that design, and it’s viewed as “trendy.” It’s no different than any other piece of furniture, decoration, clothing, or paint. Since a rug will have to match the rest of the room, rug trends usually are changing along with everything else. 


Oriental Rugs Provide a Versatile and Timeless Look


When it comes to rugs, oriental rugs continue to be one of the most sought after types. They can provide a timeless look and can be used to enhance a wide variety of different room designs. They always seem to be trending year in and year out. 


Oriental rugs are extremely durable, will last a long time, are handmade with natural fibers, provide a good amount of cushion for any falling objects, help absorb sound in a room, and will typically remain in the family for generations. 


Which Rug Collections Are Trending Right Now?


Looking at the trends for rugs today, you’ll find that oriental rugs will work their way into a vast majority of the trends. This is a significant reason why they remain popular year-in and year-out with that timeless look. 


Let’s take a look at some of the major trends we see right now in the rug industry:


  1. Natural Fibers – although natural fibers like wool and silk have always been trendy, many rug designers and rugmakers continue to take things a step further with eco-friendly material, like sisal and jute. 
  2. Rug Layering – when people place a rug on top of carpet, as opposed to a hard floor, it creates what’s known as a rug layer. This used to be popular in earlier days but is starting to make a comeback as a way of better defining a carpeted area. 
  3. Hand-Woven – there’s a reason people will always prefer a handmade rug over a machine-made one. The quality difference is loud and clear, which is a big reason why these are regarded as oriental rugs Tampa residents love.
  4. Neutral Colors – while many interior designs still enjoy the use of bold and bright colors, we are starting to see earth colors and warm tones making a comeback as well. These hues will help make a room feel more inviting and relaxing.


The rug industry is always changing, but individual styles and designs will always make a comeback in this market. It’s still interesting to see what’s making a comeback every year and what’s starting to go out of style. 


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